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A Thanksgiving Waterbrook Update

In case you’re having a difficult time finding something to be thankful for tomorrow, let me share a little update from the Waterbrook construction site…

Today was full of big moments at 507 Thomas Street in Wylie. The Ministry Center offices were buzzing with activity this morning with construction meetings, contractor meetings, design team meeting, staff office meetings, float building work, and the arrival of a bunch of students for a workday at the new building. Our construction manager met with Jr. & Sr. High students (representing our Wave & Rush ministries) in the lobby of the new building and gave them instructions for the morning. Their job was to clean debris, mud and dirt from the worksite, primarily the parking lot. Pastor Don Moore kept the students organized and working all morning. Norma Peyton and Deana Denton served lunch. There are several students with blisters tonight who deserve a big THANK YOU for doing an amazing job. It looks great out there and we’re ready to keep moving forward in the construction process! Which is good because…

A crew has begun putting the stone and brick up on the exterior walls of the building. And inside, a crew continues erecting the wall studs. This means you can start to make out where rooms are located and how big they are. As I walk through the building I can see the doorways to the auditorium, the hallway to Splash and the nursery, and where the walls for the bathrooms will be. Looking around the building, it feels like we’re just WEEKS away from being ready to move in. AND WE ARE!!!

In an email last week I mentioned we had set a tentative date for our first Sunday in the new building. I said it would be a couple weeks before we publicly announce that date as we make sure we stay on schedule. Well…..I’ve been catching some grief for teasing. So, I’ll give you a clue – we’ll begin worship services in the new building in a month that begins with a “J” and ends with “anuary.” Now don’t ask me to be any more specific!

I know many of you are traveling for this holiday weekend. (Did you know it’s the most traveled holiday week of the year. More people travel at least 50 miles for Thanksgiving gatherings than any other time of year.) I hope those who are traveling are safe and pray God’s blessing as you worship with other family and friends this weekend. For those who’ll be at home Sunday, I hope to see you at Waterbrook as Pastor Stephen Bramer returns from his Canadian visit with the new grandbabies in time to conclude his fantastic “U of E” series. (You can read 1 Kings 19:19-21 and 2 Kings 1:1 to 2:14 if you want to be a step ahead of him Sunday morning. Just don’t tell him I told you.)

If you want to see a few updated pictures from the construction worksite, click this link to the Waterbrook website. >

Those on Facebook can see an entire collection of pictures from today’s student workday on my Facebook page. 

On behalf of myself and the entire Waterbrook staff, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  We thank God for YOU!