Big Night in Wylie – Waterbrook News for 10-14-11

Having come from the land of the Cubs and White Sox, I know a little something about cross town rivalries. Tonight is a pretty BIG one in Wylie as Wylie High School and Wylie East High School battle it out for this year’s bragging rights on the football field. On the Wave Facebook page earlier today, I notice one of our Wave leaders (I won’t tell you it’s Melissa McKay) posted “Go Pirates!” I had to promptly reply with a “Go Raiders!” under her comment. I hope your Friday night will be as exciting as ours with the volleyball and football matchups at which we’ll be cheering. I’ll be sure to post the final score on Facebook and/or my Twitter feed. Well, it may depend on who wins.  There are some other exciting things going on this weekend, and in the weeks ahead…

SUNDAY MORNING at WATERBROOK – This week I’ll be sharing what I believe is the most important message in the current sermon series, “Are You Alone?” I believe every message in this series has been important, but this is the one in which I’ll be presenting the most life-changing element of being alone. Please be sure to join us as I talk about being “Alone Forever” this Sunday morning at either 9:30 or 10:55. Our worship service this Sunday will also include some powerful worship songs led by Pastor Don and his team. We’ll also be joining churches across the country this Sunday when Pastor Stephen opens our services with a prayer on behalf of fallen firefighters.

UPCOMING OUTREACH EVENTS – I hope you’ll be bringing some candy for our “Boo on Ballard” outreach event coming up in a couple weeks. That candy can be placed in the display bucket in the lobby on Sunday morning. Also, don’t forget to get your tickets for the upcoming “Sweet Life” Comedy Night scheduled for Saturday, November 5th. You can purchase tickets online at this link –

Our amazing AV team have informed me that the Waterbrook Audio Sermon files are now available for free download on iTunes. You can subscribe to this feed or just catch up on any messages in this current series you may have missed. If you search “Waterbrook Bible Fellowship” on iTunes, be sure to rate us and write a review.

So, what team are you rooting for this weekend? Rangers, Cardinals, Wylie, Wylie East, Garland, Mesquite, Plano…? No matter what school colors you’ll be wearing this weekend, I’m really glad you’re part of our Waterbrook Team!

Pastor Jeff

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