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Several News Items for the Waterbrook family this week…

I just concluded a tour of the facility with the project managers, and consultation with several of our own guys doing stuff over there, and have a list of things that need to be done tomorrow. This includes a good cleaning of the new building. This involves basic dusting, plus a lot of scraping and mopping of floors. Plus, we need to make sure all material is away from the walls as required for final inspections. Glass windows and doors need a first cleaning. (All this cleaning will need to be repeated every day this week. More on that in a moment.) We also have a lot of OUTSIDE work to do. We need people who can wear boots and willing to get in the mud to work on cleaning & pumping the north side of the new building. It’ll be messy, and probably a little chilly – but lots of fun! Curly tells me we need wheelbarrows and good metal rakes (not flimsy leaf rakes). Work starts at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Many hands make light work.


Pastor Don tells me he needs someone willing to work with the carpenter who is building the new drum enclosure. The need is for ONE person Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to noonish. You don’t need any carpentry experience. He simply needs someone to help, hold things, move things, etc. Gary Autry, father of WBF member Andrew Autry, is the carpenter donating his skill and time. If you are willing to be this person, please contact Don Moore (214 546-3115) for directions in Rockwall.


The week ahead will be busy and one of the needs is for volunteers to help clean the new building every day. Starting Monday, the project manager has asked us to have cleaning crews on site each day to help with the daily cleaning required to keep the building nice and get it ready to be open by next Sunday. We’ll have a sign up sheet in the Dodd lobby this Sunday morning. Please look at your schedule and consider helping us out with this need.


It’s real. We’re ready to begin the process of moving. Because of carpet installation, there’s little that can be unloaded into the new building, but Sunday afternoon we will be unloading the trailer cabinets in preparation for the move in. Helpers are needed at the new building to unload the cabinets, with much of it being taken into the 507 Ministry Center. From there we’ll prep everything and get ready for a big move in day at the end of next week. Those willing to help with this project can have a quick lunch after church and meet us at the church buildings at 1:30 p.m. this Sunday afternoon.


Do you have experience laying paver stones in a sidewalk? We need to create a connection point between Thomas Street and our new sidewalk. Someone is donating the paver stone, but we need someone(s) to do the work. Is anyone interested in taking on this project? Call, text or email me and we’ll get you set up to go. Again, a crew of 2-4 would make this a fairly easy task.


As a follow up to last Sunday’s Children’s Ministry training meeting, Karin Tapee writes…This is a reminder for everyone who works with our Waterbrook children in the 0 through 5th grade age bracket to create a KidCheck account NOW by going to and following the step by step process.  Also, if you are a parent of a child in that age bracket you also need to create a KidCheck account for you and your children.  Each spouse needs to create an account but only the first one has to add all the children’s info.  If there are any volunteers who needed a Volunteer Application/Background check, Yearly Renewal form, or Driver Application form please email me at and I will send you what you need.  Thank you all for your service and thank you parents for sharing your children with us as we work together to build disciples of Christ.


If anyone has a flat screen computer monitor that they are willing to donate to the Children’s Ministry for the new KidCheck system, it would be greatly appreciated.  Smaller is better, and used is fine (as long as it comes with a power cord). Please contact the church office if you have one you would be willing to donate. Contact Mark Tapee ( or by cell phone (972-977-3176).


This will, Lord willing, be our final Sunday to worship at Dodd Elementary. Though we are still at the mercy of the city for all final inspections, and any number of things could force us to postpone our move for a week, this Sunday will most likely be the end of a chapter in the story of Waterbrook. We’ll be closing down Waterbrook the church plant, and prepared to open Waterbrook the established church. I hope you’ll join us for what will hopefully be our final Sunday as a mobile church. I’ll be teaching in the 9:30 auditorium class on the question, “What if we build with faulty materials?” Join me as we look to see what God says about building a church. Charles Savelle continues in the Deeper Life class on First Thessalonians (Dodd Library). Pastor Don has planned a fantastic closing Sunday worship service, and Pastor Stephen will be concluding our “Changes Ahead” series with the value of GROWTH that doesn’t not change as we move – in fact, it becomes even clearer. And we have an end to this service planned that helps us close the door on the former, and march ahead into a new adventure. We may conclude our years as a mobile church, but we’re still gonna be a church on the move.

I know this is a lot, but I believe God has prepared us for a time such as this. You, the Waterbrook family, are important in helping make this transition happen. We can’t do it without God; and the amazing this is – He’s choosing to use YOU and me to accomplish His will. What a thrill. I’m glad you’re part of our family for a time such as this!

See you Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…whenever you can make it.