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Connecting at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship

It’s easy for people to walk in and out of a church each weekend and never connect to anyone. It may sound positive if you’re wanting to stay anonymous, but it really isn’t the best for your long term spiritual growth. At Waterbrook Bible Fellowship we believe we grow best in relationship with God AND with other people.

One of the ways to build relationships is by pushing through the “Funnel System” of connection at WBF. Here’s how it works…


Everyone who walks into a weekend worship service at Waterbrook immediately becomes part of the Large Group Experience. You’ll meet some greeters at the door and maybe shake a couple hands during a greeting time in the service, but generally you won’t interact with many people. The teaching is geared toward everyone in the service with some general applications appropriate for everyone. You can be part of the Waterbrook family by just attending this service, but it doesn’t really connect you to people. It may build some surface relationships as you see some of the same people week after week, but it doesn’t build relationships. You’ll be cared about in general, but won’t get personal prayer, encouragement or attention.


These groups take a step of action to join a group smaller than the weekend worship services. Activities include our Sunday morning adult classes, monthly Men’s Night Out, weekly WOW studies, or most serving teams. In these settings you’ll get into a more personalized teaching geared toward a smaller group of people. You’ll also get to know some people and become known yourself. You’ll share general prayer requests with one another and some of your life. These medium-sized groups aren’t designed to get to specific or personal. They’re usually geared around a deeper study of the Bible or a topic. They may include a team that serves in a ministry together. These are great next-step groups to become connected with others. As you get to know others in the church family you’ll find yourself connected to their lives and concerns.


These are the next step groups that connect you on a personal and intimate level with a few other people. This may happen in a home team or small group Bible study with 8-12 people. This is where you develop the deepest level of caring and concern. The people in these small groups actually shepherd one another and are there in times of trial and celebration. This is where you find people who care about all the details of your life and pray for you through those events. This is the level where you can find accountability and friendship. It’s where you’re really connected.


At Waterbrook we believe great shepherding happens when people don’t just depend on pastors to meet their spiritual needs, but when they shepherd one another through growth, troubles, and joyful moments of life. These relationships make it difficult to hide your struggles and invite others to share with you in life-changing ways. This kind of connection doesn’t happen if you stay at the LARGE GROUP level.

If you’re considering Waterbrook as your church home, we encourage you to look into ways to take a bold step and enter into the next level of connection. Contact the church office for opportunities to engage in a serving group, adult class, Bible study or home team. We’d love to help you connect!

If you’re already at the SMALL GROUP level, maybe you should consider if God is leading you to begin your own small group study or home team. Maybe it’s time for you to help provide a place where others can connect at the deepest level for growth and love. Contact the church office if you’d like to know more about stepping into that type of leadership role.