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Current Sermon Series: “Names of God”

What does a Name mean? Maybe it’s just an identification today; but in the ancient world a name often revealed the essential nature, work or character of a person. This is also true of the Names of God. This summer at Waterbrook we’re studying the NAMES OF GOD for our summer sermon series.

As God has provided His Names and descriptions, it gives us to opportunity to know Him more intimately. But, it also gives opportunity for us to dishonor Him by living in ways that contradict His character as showed in His Names. To know God’s Name is to enjoy a privileged access to Him. So, join us on this fascinating journey this summer to know Him better through His Names.

Charles Spurgeon wrote:

We are warranted in using all the various names of God, for each has its own beauty and majesty, and we must reverence each by its holy use as well as by abstaining from taking it in vain.

By the name is meant the revealed character and Word of God; we are not to worship “the unknown God,” but we should seek to know the covenant God of Jacob, who has been pleased to reveal his name and attributes to his people. The glorious power of God defended and preserved the Lord Jesus through the battle of his life and death, and exalted him above all his enemies. His warfare is now accomplished in his own proper person, but in his mystical body, the church, he is still beset with dangers; the name of the God of Israel is still the defense of the faithful.

We are to hallow the name of God, and we cannot do so if it slips from our memory.

Ignorance is worst when it amounts to ignorance of God, and knowledge is best when it exercises itself upon the name of God. This most excellent knowledge leads to the most excellent grace of faith. By knowing his name is also meant an experimental acquaintance with the attributes of God, which are anchors to hold the soul from drifting.

What a precious subject is the name of our God!

The name of God is, even in a literal sense, a fortress and high tower for all his people.

Kenneth Hemphill wrote in his book on the Names of God:

As we grow to understand he very nature and character of God we will find ourselves running to His name to find safety and strength. His name is like a strong tower! God’s name stands for the manifestation of His presence in His revelation and His relation to His people. This can be one of the most exciting and encouraging studies that you have ever undertaken. It is essential to know God’s name because we bear that I f name and we are commanded to live in such a way that will bring it honor. As we come to know the significance of each name, we will enhance the breadth of our ability to praise God and to live in His protection. (Hemphill, K. Names of God).

The schedule for this series is:

9   – Stephen Bramer
16  –  Don Moore
23  –  Dave Burchett
30  –  Percy Singleton

7  –  Stephen Bramer
14  –  Stephen Bramer
21  –  Jeff Denton
28  –  Josh Bramer

4  –  Jeff Denton