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Details about Move-In Weekend & Annual Meeting

I’m thrilled to tell you we’ve completed the required city inspections and have been granted a wonderful little piece of paper that says we get to open the new Waterbrook building for worship THIS SUNDAY, January 30th!

As exciting as that sounds, it also comes with a burden – we only have two days to clean and set up the entire building – and grounds. So, we’re going to celebrate, but it’s going to be a working PRAISE CELEBRATION Friday and Saturday. So many of you have been on site this week, and we’re grateful for each one. Many have also signed up to be here Friday evening. Now that we know we have occupancy this weekend, we’re able to put together a more definitive schedule of what’s happening for the next three days. Before you read further, stop and ask God, “How should I be involved?” Now, here’s what’s going on.

Friday Morning: Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The carpet is in, but there’s still plenty of dust settling throughout the building. Vacuuming, dusting, windows…yes, again. Those who’ve been in the building this week can attest to how much dust has been constantly present. We also have some office projects we’re needing to crank out during the day.

Friday Afternoon: Setting up the auditorium seating. The design team ladies unpacked all the chairs earlier this week (amidst all the dust) and moved them into the auditorium. Now, every chair needs wiped off and put into place. Our building designer-manager will be in the auditorium after lunch to begin directing the placing of every chair. (exciting!)  We’ll also begin moving supplies, toys, and furniture from the 507 building into the new 100 building. And as those things move – guess what? – we need to do a thorough cleaning of the 507 building that has housed items in every conceivable corner the past week. (We have to get ready for Sunday classes in the 507!)

Friday Evening:  Set up and moving in items continues. We have some AV projects that need skilled help and willing hands.

Saturday Morning:  Outside work begins at 9:00 a.m. We’re going to transform our beds of mud to grass and flowerbeds! We need people willing to work in the mud again, but this time planting. Sod installation, flowers to plant in 4 flowerbeds, white stone work on the corner between the 507 & church building, and helping lay paver stones at the other end of the sidewalk. We’re glad it’s going to be a beautiful day to work outside and create some curb appeal!  What to bring? à Wheelbarrows and good metal rakes (not plastic leaf rakes) and box cutters to cut sod as needed. Bring gloves and put your name on your equipment to get it back.

Inside work also begins at 9:00 a.m. This includes any cleaning yet to do, plus making sure everything from paper towels to coffee cups are set up and supplied. Whatever setup and cleaning is still needed in the 507 building, plus some possible other office-type work.

Saturday Afternoon:  Finishing the outside work. Pastor Don and the worship team begin rehearsal at 1:00 pm for the first time, and we’ve hoping to be done inside and let them have the building by this time; but we’ll be finishing whatever jobs need finishing.

Sunday Morning:  The CELEBRATION CONTINUES as we OPEN THE DOORS to the Waterbrook Bible Fellowship 100 Building for classes at 9:30 for all ages and worship in the new auditorium at 10:45!!!

Sunday Afternoon:  Nap ?

Sunday Evening:  All Waterbrook members are encouraged to join us for our first Annual Meeting in our own new building. We begin with a hotdog supper at 5:30 pm served at the 507 Ministry Center. All we’re asking you to bring is a dessert to share. Everything else will be provided. Then, we’ll march over to the new building for a Waterbrook Family Picture (yep, everybody) and annual business meeting. We need everyone there because our bylaws stipulate we must meet a quorum in order to conduct church business.

What if you’re not sure you’re up to any of these tasks? What if you don’t like to get dirty? What if you’re allergic to work? First, you can pray for those who are stretching their last back muscle as they labor. And, second, you can do a run for drinks, bring some lunch for workers, make a trip to Walmart or Home Depot for supplies. Or just walk around and cheer others on by letting them know how grateful you are for what they’re doing. (That’s what I do.) We want you to come join us, even if you don’t think you have much to contribute to the labor. This is a weekend of family celebration, and you’re part of the family.

One note to parents of young kids: Be sure to bring your kids to the new building during these next couple days. Let them see where there new room is. Find me and I’ll give any child a personal tour and let them see all the cool stuff. It’ll help eliminate anxiety about coming to a new place Sunday morning – and possibly make your morning easier when they know where they’re going and what they’ll do.

WOW, that is a busy weekend! But even the work should be done in a spirit of gratitude and celebration as we’re mindful of how GOOD GOD IS in providing such a blessing for a ragtag group of people who are all saved by God’s grace through Jesus Christ and brought together by His will into a FAMILY. And I’m glad YOU’RE part of that family!

Ok, enough sitting down reading email. Let’s get to work!

Pastor Jeff Denton