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The Elder Nomination process has begun with the intention of filling 2 Elder spots for 2018. The Nominating Committee will be accepted nominations through October 7, 2018. Current members of the Elder Nomination Committee are: Joni Burchett, Christy Carnefix, Gerry Lington, Mark Tapee, Rob Whapham and Brittany Williams.

The search for elders at Waterbrook is not intended to be a popularity contest, but search for God’s will regarding men who are already acting in the role of shepherd within our Waterbrook family without the official title. To understand our view of the role of elders and qualifications they must meet, read this downloadable document on the

Explanation and Qualifications of Elders

To watch a video presentation on leadership at Waterbrook, click this link for a sermon preached by one of our Waterbrook founders, Dave Burchett, on “What We Believe About Leadership.” This message was part of our summer sermon series in 2012.  Click HERE for this video presentation.

To make a submission for this year’s elder search process complete the form below and hit the SUBMIT button. You may also give a completed nomination form to any of the Nominating Committee members or turn one in to the church office. Only Waterbrook members are permitted to submit names for consideration. Once a candidate is selected by the Nominating Committee, they will submit that candidate to the elders for review. Upon approval by the Elder Council, the candidate will be presented to the WBF membership. At that point members have 21 days to give any biblical reason why the candidate is not qualified to be an elder. If no such reasons are presented within that span, the new elder will be included with the remaining elders for affirmation at the 2019 Annual Meeting in January.

Elder Nomination Online Submission Form

Please nominate the person or persons that you think would be a good candidate as a church elder. We encourage you to read through the candidate qualification material. The individual you're nominating should be someone you know and sincerely believe to be qualified to be an elder at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship. To the best of my knowledge, the person I'm submitting as an elder candidate (a) Meets the biblical qualifications for eldership as identified in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, (b) Has been a member of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship for at least one year, and (c) is in agreement with the mission and philosophy of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship.
  • Elders must meet all qualifications for elders and be members of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship. Be sure to read all guidelines as presented by the church leadership. You should also check with the individual to make sure they are approving of being nominated for this position and willing to serve in this capacity.
  • Only Waterbrook members are allowed to submit candidate names for the position of Elder.
  • By submitting an email address, you will receive an email confirmation that your submission was received. Please click SUBMIT below to send your nomination.
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