Fall Schedule Information Meeting, Sunday, August 7th & Other Waterbrook News

August 5, 2011


 Seven years ago this week Dave & Joni Burchett hosted the first meeting of what would become Waterbrook Bible Fellowship. This Sunday is our 7th Anniversary! You have my permission to stop for ice cream on your way to church this week to celebrate. We have much to celebrate. This includes a fantastic first six months at our new location in our new building at507 Thomas Street! It also includes a couple other good news items…(a) we’ve paid off the $50,000 bank loan used to add the extra parking spaces to the original plan, and (b) our new lighted building sign is in place! Both were paid for from YOUR generous gifts to our Building Fund! It’s some pretty amazing stuff God has done in the first seven years, and we’re looking forward to what else lies ahead. Speaking of which…


I hope you’ll join us this Sunday in the auditorium at 9:30 as we gather our adult classes together to present the first look at our new fall schedule. Almost everything is moving or changing. The new schedule is the result of more than 100 hours of meetings with staff, individuals, and leadership teams. We’re adding this last minute meeting so we can present the total schedule to everyone at one time and answer any questions it raises. (Which will be much easier than answering the same question 50 times to 50 different people.) We’ve treated this new schedule like a puzzle for the past 60 days trying to make sure we can do the ministry to which God has called us, while trying to maintain the same loving, family environment that makes Waterbrook special. By the way, we’ll be having a special prayer meeting NEXT Sunday night, August 14th at 6:00 pm to pray for our new schedule and for teachers and students as they head back to school.)

 DID YOU KNOW? We were at near capacity last Sunday morning! When the Splash children were in the auditorium for the opening part of the service last Sunday morning, we were SRO (Standing Room Only)! After the children were dismissed, we still had almost 200 people in our auditorium! The great news is our leadership has been tracking and measuring this growth, and the fall changes were anticipating these numbers. I’m grateful for a church family who keeps inviting friends and family, and a leadership team doing the hard work of looking forward and trying to stay ahead of problems by being sensitive to where God is leading us.


And, while God is pouring so many blessings on us, can you help us bless others? There are people in our community hurting from job loss, economic stresses and physical needs. There are two ways you can help bless someone this summer. One is by giving to our benevolent fund. This fund is used by the elders to assist those in our church family facing financial needs. That help is provided discreetly to those determined to be in need. You can give to that fund anytime by marking a check “Benevolent Fund” when placing it in the offering. You can also give to the Benevolent Fund via our secure online giving. Be sure to choose “Benevolent Fund” from the menu of options.

 The second option is by helping us with a summer food drive for theCommunityChristianCareCenterfood pantry. Waterbrook is part of theCareCentersupport network. After hearing a news story about howDallasfood pantries were low on supplies due to the heat, job losses and other circumstances, I stopped by theCareCenterin Wylie to inquire about our own local supplies. They are short on JELLY and BREAKFAST CEREALS right now, and could use our help. Would you be willing to bring some food to Waterbrook this Sunday and the next, August 7 & 14? Especially if you’ve been able to do something extra this summer with your family (vacation, Six Flags, etc.), could you express your gratitude for God’s generosity to you by sharing with those who have much less right now? I’d love to see our church family completely restock their supplies at theCareCenterwith Jelly and Breakfast Cereal that would last through the end of summer. Items may be brought to the lobby on Sunday morning or the church office during business hours Monday through Thursday.


I heard our food crew fed at least 170 people last weekend after church. Thanks Cheryl Long and crew for a wonderful brisket meal! Pastor Don Moore and his Splash Team did a great job leading the Minute-to-Win-It games after lunch. What a sweet time of laughter and fun together! Even the bonus “Get Pastor Jeff with a Water Balloon” game at the end was pretty good! (But, I have pictures and video of everyone who threw water balloons at me. There could be paybacks sometime.)


I’m looking forward to a glorious Sunday of worship with you this weekend. Camie Towne will be sharing her life verse with us as part of our summer series, then I’ll be teaching on that passage. Christian Cheshire and team will lead us in worshiping the Lord through song. Afterwards, we’ll be having a Newcomer’s Lunch in the 507 building. (I invite you to come if you haven’t made a Newcomer’s Lunch since you began attending Waterbrook.) And, don’t forget we’re starting the morning with all adults in the auditorium for the new fall schedule presentation at 9:30 a.m.!

 The National Weather Service is predicting today will be the 5th day in a row of record breaking temperatures this week. Over 30 consecutive days of triple digit temps have now been recorded. It might be a good day to find a pool for some swimming. Or be on the lookout for a pastor walking around the corner with a garden hose just waiting to spray you!

 I look forward to celebrating our 7th Waterbrook Anniversary with your this weekend!

 Pastor Jeff

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