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Get Connected

For Women
Women’s Bible Study Groups meet in several different locations and times. Contact the church office for specific locations and times. Learn more at this link: WOW Page

For Men
Our Men’s Night Out is for all men and meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the church.
We have some different Bible Study groups that meet just for men. Contact the church office for more information.

Sunday School Classes for Kids (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)
All school age children (K-4th) meet in the SPLASH room where grade-level classes meet for fun, games, crafts, and a Bible study lesson. Classes are led by our screened and approved children’s teaching staff.

The SWELL (5th – 6th Grades)
Students in 5th and 6th grades have specific needs applicable to preteens. We have a special class with teaching and mentoring geared toward their ages that meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM in the Rush Room of the 200 Building. Read more about The SWELL at THIS LINK.

The WAVE (7th – 8th Grades)
Jr. High students meet in the WAVE room in the 200 building on Sunday mornings at 10:55 AM. The also meet with Oasis Wednesday nights. Student Ministry Pastor John Robbins oversees this ministry.

The RUSH (High School 9th – 12th Grades)
High School students meet in separate guy / girl groups for in depth Bible study and discussion. Led by Thomas & Brittany Williams. They share their lives together in the 200 Building Rush Room at 10:55 am.

Home Teams
We believe the best growth and shepherding happens within the context of a smaller group of people than our Sunday morning worship services. We encourage all Waterbrook attenders to get involved in a small group we call Home Teams. These groups meet at a variety of locations, days and times. Contact the church office to sign up for a Home Team.

Senior Adults
We believe aging adults are an important and guiding hand for future generations. We also don’t believe retirement means you retire from being effective for God. Our DEEP WATERS group, led by Dave & Martha Dryden, is specifically for senior adults who want to remain active in the church. This group meets once a month for a lunch and fellowship at the church. They also participate in a phone-tree in which they check in with one another for needs, prayer, and friendship.

Young Adults & College Students
It’s too easy to let God become a diminishing priority during the busy years of young adulthood. Through the college years and even early marriage there are crazy schedules and pressure to accomplish much with your life. We believe connecting with other young adults is also important. It’s good to share life with someone else who is experiencing some of the same stresses, pressures, joys, and temptations that you are. The CURRENT class is a special place just for young adults on Sunday morning at 9:30 am. This group is led by Jacob & Kassie Day and meets in the Current Room in the 100 Building.

Serving at Waterbrook
If you aren’t using the gifts and talents God has given you, then you’re keeping yourself from the joy of feeling fulfilled as the person God made you to be. It also keeps the church from being all it could be if you were involved in sharing your gifts with others. At Waterbrook we believe in Strategic Service. We want to help you discover how God has gifted you and ways you can use those gifts to serve others. We don’t want people pushed into needed volunteer positions where they have to stay for the rest of their lives. Instead, we want to help you try different roles until you find the one that fits. See our Strategic Service team on Sunday mornings in the lobby.