Give It Away Offering 2016

WBF Leadership Leads in Generosity Again in 2016

The Christmas week offering is a big blessing to most churches. The Waterbrook leadership team has chosen again to give ALL the general fund offering away on the Sunday before Christmas, Dec. 18th. This will be the 5th year Waterbrook has done a GIVE IT AWAY OFFERING at Christmas.

Six ministry options have been selected to receive the offering that day. You may choose to place your gift (check or cash) in one of the six labeled boxes in the lobby on Sunday morning, Dec. 18th. You may also give online designated to the Give It Away options. Any money placed in the general offering baskets that morning will be divided among the designated gift categories for that week. All giving options have a direct tie to the WBF family in some way. The options for this year include:

  • BENEVOLENCE via WBF – Gifts will be given to some families with financial struggles within the Waterbrook family and as an encouragement to those in special circumstances. Contact the staff if you know someone in the church family you think would benefit this year. These special benevolent gifts are 100% dispersed before Christmas Day.
  • CHURCH IN NEED – We’ll be blessing a local church who has seriously suffered and had to relocate as a result of the April hailstorm in Wylie. Our gifts will help them through this challenging time.
  • LOCAL HOMELESS MINISTRY – Several ministries reach out to serve those who have no place to stay on cold winter nights. Some meet physical needs and share the gospel. We’ll be sharing these designated funds with two of those ministries.
  • PASTOR TRAINING CONFERENCE IN NEPAL – The typical pastor in Nepal only has two days of training for ministry. We are partnering with Nathan Thomas’ ministry to help provide a winter pastor’s conference to help train 140 pastors. We believe our Give It Away offering could likely cover the entire cost of the conference ($2,400).
  • PERSECUTED BELIEVERS IN SYRIA – There are Christians in danger as they share Christ around the world. One of those places is in Syria. These gifts will be used for support, training and care for those who stay in these dangerous areas to reach others with the gospel. People like Pastor Sanharib who survived the tragedy of Aleppo, Syria, but lost his church and home before fleeing for his life. He and his wife are returning to Syria to serve the Lord among those who threaten him.
  • CLEAN WATER IN AFRICA – Some people in our world lack the basic necessities to live a healthy life. We’re partnering to help get clean drinking water to those in North Africa. Even small gifts to this fund will help get the infrastructure and equipment to those who desperately need it. Gifts here can help individuals, families and even entire villages stay free of life-threatening illnesses transmitted through unclean water.

CLICK HERE to access our secure online giving portal.

Thank you for joining in with us for this special giving opportunity where we experience that it is more blessed to give than receive!


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