Good News & Saturday Workday

We were holding up on this email as long as we could so we could share some good news with you…

Waterbrook Bible Fellowship can officially open the doors to our new 507 Ministry Center and Offices!!! Praise the Lord!

We secured approval on occupancy today for the 507. There are a few more hoops to jump through before the process is completely closed, but we now have permission to take up residence for our offices and begin ministry activity on our new property. It has been a crazy week of activity at the ministry center with many people involved. We appreciate each one of you who has showed up to help in some way or has been praying for us along the journey. But, the work isn’t finished, in fact, now we have to finish the move! So, we’re asking for your help again tomorrow. We need to move our final boxes and equipment from the former (I love the sound of that) offices on Birmingham Street and into the new 507 building. We also have to give the ministry center a big cleaning to put it into operational condition. We have some additional jobs to do around the place yet. There’s something for everyone and we need your help Saturday, January 30th from 9:00 am until whenever we’re done. If you know you can make it, let me know by replying to MY email address (not to this email). My address is Thanks! We need trucks to haul a few more items and some healthy lifters.

The reason we need it cleaned tomorrow is because we’re having our first official activity on Sunday. It’s the Newcomer’s Lunch with pastors on Sunday after church. What a great way to put the building into use, by hosting people new to Waterbrook and letting them know the “Next Steps” of involvement. Then, Tuesday we’re hosting a prayer meeting in the morning for local pastors who have been praying for our church family through our land purchase and city approvals. These pastors will be praying on site for the ministry that God will use us for. What a blessing! In February we’ve also scheduled a Splash worker training, an elder/staff retreat, and the new Wednesday parenting class. We won’t let this new building sit idle, so we need to get it ready to hit the ground running this weekend.

Sunday is going to be great at Waterbrook as we worship at Dodd Elementary. We’ll start the day at 9:30 with the Annual Congregational Meeting. We’ll be covering the 2010 budget, financing for the next building project (Phase 2), some changes to the bylaws, an update on the new building project, and the affirmation of the elders for 2010. PLUS, we’ll have snacks we can enjoy with fellowship after the meeting; that is if you bring some finger food items to share. Our 10:45 worship service will follow with a dynamic time of worship in song with Pastor Don and the music team. I’m really looking forward to a sermon series Stephen will be starting this Sunday. He’s going to pick up the rest of the story of Joshua from last fall when he did Joshua 1-5. It’s an appropriate time to jump into chapters 6 and following as we take up occupancy of our own new land. I hope you’ll be there Sunday morning.

We’re extremely grateful to God for all the new people He’s been bringing to Waterbrook recently. This has created a wonderful problem…we have a bunch of babies! New young families are bringing their youngsters with them and we’re needing more workers. Please let Pastor Don Moore or Carolyn Russell know if you’d like to help out in the nursery once a month.

IMPORTANT NOTE about the new 507 Center: All the locks have now been changed. If you have a key that’s worked previously, you may toss it out. Contact the office if you think you need a key. BUT, we also have a new ALARM in place. Contact the office for alarm procedures if you’re going to need to enter or leave when other people are not present at the ministry center.

We’re also looking for a nice little coffee table or night stand type table for the reception area. Let us know if you’re got one available. It’s a dark wood area.

PRAYER ITEM: If you haven’t heard, Kathy Hume’s own Aunt Kathy went home to be with the Lord this week. Please keep Kathy and her entire extended family in your prayers during this time of loss.

It’s been a week of ups and downs, with many wonderful blessings along the way. I’m so glad you’re part of our Waterbrook family. I hope to see you Saturday morning at the 507, if not, I’ll see you Sunday morning at Dodd Elementary.

Wishing you God’s best!


Pastor Jeff Denton
Waterbrook Bible Fellowship

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