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Help Needed at Waterbrook construction site

Workers Needed at Waterbrook Building This Week!

The Building Team has just concluded a lengthy meeting where they went through a list of things to be done in the next couple weeks. Wow, it was long!  We’ve reached the point where volunteer workers are needed if we hope to have the building finished for occupancy by January 30th. So, if you can help out this week – WE NEED YOU!

If you are available to help this week, our first session will be Tuesday night (tomorrow, Jan. 11th) from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The jobs to do include:

  1. Painting a coat of primer in the lobby area.
  2. Grouting the newly laid tile in the bathrooms.
  3. Moving bricks from the parking lot to the tennis court. (Yes, across a muddy yard. Do you have a wagon?)

 Other things are starting to pop up, and we’ll keep you updated as to the specific needs. Waterbrook crews will likely be at the building every evening this week. We’ve created a new page at the Waterbrook website that we’ll update with needs as they become known – even daily; so check it often. Here’s the web link à

We hope to see some of you at the new building Tuesday night to keep us moving forward!  Thank YOU!

Pastor Jeff Denton