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January Sermon Series


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The Waterbrook is being stretched and molded into the image of Christ with our 2015 theme: ENGAGE!

Pastor Jeff Denton introduced this theme at worship services on Sunday, January 4, 2015. We’ve continued the development of ENGAGE during the rest of the year as he and others teach through scripture in Matthew 9, Romans, and the Life of David in 2015. Some topics include the issues of “Engaging with Jesus,” “Engaging with your calling,” “Engaging with real life,” and a call to “Engage with the world”.

This will be an exciting year as we continue to push beyond being spectators in the work God is doing and press forward to be active participants as He calls us. We began with a life-changing series that kicked off a life-changing year in the life of Waterbrook. Discover the whys and hows of this during this powerful theme in 2015 at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship.

We’re using the hashtag #WBFEngage during posts and pictures this year relating to this theme. If you have a story or picture that relates, be sure to use this hashtag in your post (and tag Pastor Jeff Denton). It’s exciting to see how God is engaging through our lives in our communities, church, and world in 2015.

Worship services at Waterbrook meet Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 10:55 a.m.  Waterbrook is located at 507 Thomas Street in Wylie, Texas.