Labor Day Weekend at Waterbrook

Labor Day weekend means one final end-of-summer celebration. At Waterbrook it means fire up the grill because we’ve got some pastors that need grillin’!

First, let me share the picnic lunch details…
Tonia McBride and her crew have been working feverishly this week on the details for Sunday’s all-church lunch. Here’s what you NEED TO KNOW – They’ve planned burgers and dogs on the grill. Cost for the meal that includes beans and chips is only $2.00 per person. They are asking you to bring a dessert to share. They can be dropped off in the kitchen at the 507 before Sunday School classes. Please don’t bring anything that needs refrigerated since the fridges will already be full!

Here’s what WE STILL NEED à GRILLS & GRILLERS! We’re short grills needed to cook the hamburgers and tube steaks. If you can provide a grill for cookin’ on, please contact Tonia via email ( or her cellphone (972-743-9061). You can even let her know if you’re willing to cook, especially if someone can provide a grill but doesn’t want to stand by a hot grill. *She needs to hear this ASAP. (Thanks!) They’ll also need some help setting up chairs & tables after church.

At 10:45 a.m. we’ll be holding our annual “Grillin’ the Pastors” worship service. Pastors Stephen Bramer and Don Moore will join me answering questions submitted by YOU this summer. It promises to be a fun and enlightening morning. This year’s questions cover topics like: communion, homosexuality, recurring/willful sin, eternal security, fundamentalism, the KJV of the Bible, tattoos, vegetables, what to say to friends of other faiths, and more! We’ll be timed to keep our answers short and get in as many questions as we can.

And, don’t miss the 9:30 hour this Sunday. It will be our FINAL sessions ever of the Deeper Life and Auditorium Classes! The new classes begin September 11th, so this will be the grand finale of these two popular classes. I’ll wrap up “Hope: God’s Story” in the auditorium, and Charles Savelle will finish the Deeper Life Class in the book of Ephesians.

Here’s a PRAISE…as of last Sunday, we believe we have enough money given toward the new patio awning to get the project rolling! Thanks to our challenge from Tom Daun, and the generosity of donors, we have enough money raised to move forward with the project. I was told the team has begun the process of getting bids and drawings on the new awning that will go on the west side of the new building. Please keep giving to the building fund as God leads. We have more to do as we grow!

For my weather geek friends, today was day 66 of triple digit temp days this summer in the Metroplex. Only 3 days short of the 69 day record of 1980. For those keeping records, you’ll be interested in knowing this year didn’t beat 1980 for total consecutive 100+ degree days (40 days vs. 1980’s 42 day streak). However, this summer has been unique in getting us into the record books with TWO sets of consecutive records. Our 40-day consecutive streak over 100 (July 2 – Aug. 10), AND with today’s triple digit temp, we’ve also tied for 8th place with 18 consecutive days (Aug 15 – Sept 1). Another 100-degree day tomorrow would tie us for 7th place! Plus, 2011 sets TWO records for the greatest number of days in a month with triple-digit temps. 2nd place for 30 days in July 2011, and tied for 3rd with 28 days total in August 2011 (tied with July 1998). No other year holds two spots in all these weather record categories. So, YES, it has been an extremely hot summer! Bring on the cool days of autumn! (I’d consider high temps in the mid-90s to be cooler at this point.) *You can thank Michele McCune for requesting the weather update.

One final note: Did you heard the news today about JC Penny pulling an offensive shirt from the girls clothing section? I have some of those details, and my own thoughts on the matter of “sexing up” girls in our culture. You can read what I have to say about it on my blog at this link .

Have a safe Labor Day weekend! I hope to see you at Waterbrook this weekend.


Email questions have already arrived in my mailbox. Here’s what I didn’t cover in last night’s email. More details for this weekend at Waterbrook…

o USHER & GREETING Meeting This Sunday. If you currently, would like to, or have ever considered serving as either an usher and/or greeter at Waterbrook, we will be having a short training meeting immediately after the “Grillin’” worship service this Sunday. It will be a quick update on what’s expected of those who serve in these ministries with the change to two worship services this fall. Also included will be the basics of how to do it. This will occur while everyone else is grilling meat and setting up tables and chairs outside. So, even if you’re just looking to avoid some work, you should join us for this important basic training.

o FUN ON SUNDAY? NO, there are no activities preplanned for this Sunday’s lunch; but, YES, you may bring some outside games if you want. I’m not sure exactly what this would include – probably frisbees or lawn darts. On second thought, in light of the last picnic (Family Funday Sunday) and the pelting I took from water balloons, maybe lawn darts aren’t such a great idea.

o YES, the Weather will Be Cooler. In response to my weather report, someone has pointed out the temperature is supposed to be cooler Sunday. They are correct. This is a great observation. In light of those cooler fall temperatures expected to hit Sunday, you may want to bring a jacket or blanket in case you get a chill eating outside. J

Don’t forget to contact Tonia McBride ASAP if you can bring a grill to the 507 for Sunday’s lunch. Her contact info was in last night’s email.


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