Living the Life Adult Class – 9:30 Sunday Mornings

Currently in the Living the Life Class:  DidJesusReallySayThat2016_LivingTheLifeClass_WEB

Join us Sunday mornings as we are currently studying through the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7. We’re checking to see what Jesus really had to say to the “experts” in the Old Testament Law and discussing what difference this teaching makes in our lives today.

The Living the Life class brings together some of our best Bible application teachers to explain the Word and help us apply it. Leaders/teachers are Dan Carnefix and Bob Williams, plus other Waterbrook teachers like Dwain Robb. Their combined wisdom, biblical knowledge, humor, and compassion will help the scripture jump from the page and into your heart in new and fresh ways.

LivingTheLife_Ad-Undated WEBThe LIVING THE LIFE CLASS is an adult class that meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 each week in the 200 Building Adult Class Room (the Orange Room). It’s led by Bob Williams and Dan Carnefix. The style of this class is heavy on discussion and interaction with focus on application of the Bible for daily life.

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