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Men’s Retreat & Other WATERBROOK News for 9-23-11

We have an exciting opportunity for men in October. More on that in a moment, first a couple general news items…

We’re very excited about what God is doing at Waterbrook this fall. Since beginning our two service format on Sept. 11th, our attendance numbers have increased and many visitors have continued walking through our doors on Sunday mornings. THANK YOU to everyone who’s been inviting friends, neighbors, coworkers and family to visit your church home! We have people coming recently who’ve not been in church for a long time, or never at all, and are joining us Sunday mornings because someone invited them. Don’t count your invitation to someone as unimportant, it could make an eternal difference in someone’s life. This Sunday, I’ll continue our “Are You Alone?” series with a message on our connection to one another in the Body of Christ. I hope you’ll join us for one of our services at 9:30 or 10:55. Plus, you can attend one of our excellent adult classes opposite the session with the worship service you attend.

Speaking of our new Sunday morning schedule, thanks for helping us stay on track with our services and classes. Moving on and setting up for the next activity is very important to keeping us on time with everything. This is true for both worship service sessions and the noon Rush meetings. Though we’re needing you to move out of the auditorium or classroom space for the next event, we encourage you to continue visiting with friends and newcomers. Spaces like the 100 building lobby, the 507 building porch, and even the lawns under the trees are a great place to continue chatting. Behind the scenes work is underway on the new covered patio space at the 100 building; so you’ll soon have that area to relax and visit too!

Thanks also for everyone who shared with our elders at the conclusion of last Sunday’s services. Every elder had special requests to shared as we gathered Sunday night for our regular monthly meeting. Please know your prayer requests were the top item on our agenda. We all consider it a privilege to serve the Waterbrook family, and especially to lift our congregation members in prayer. If you missed last Sunday’s sermon about the shepherding-caring role of our leadership team, be sure to watch or listen to it at this web link. > Also, you may submit nominations for new 2012 elders (we’ll be replacing two elders who’ll be rotating off the board at the end of this year) on the Waterbrook website. The submission form is located at the top right area of the website homepage.

We’re working behind the scenes on a new ministry for men at Waterbrook. Men seem to have a particularly difficult time connecting to other men, so we’re making efforts to provide those opportunities for men to get together. We’ve been invited to join Gateway Community Church in Wylie on their annual men’s fall retreat. If you’re interested, you’ll need to respond quickly, as it’s coming up fast – October 6th-8th – next month! We can still get registrations in during the next week. I’m posting the registration form at the link at the end of this paragraph. If you’re interested in attending, you can print off that form and bring the completed form and your registration money on Sunday, September 25th. I’ll get those registrations to our Gateway friends to add to their retreat reservations. The retreat runs from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon at Tyler State Park. The cost is $25, and includes your food. (Extra $35 fee if you want to participate in a Thursday afternoon golf game with other men.) The theme of this retreat is “Becoming Men of Honor.” It’s camping, food, fun and fellowship…and men who smell after a couple days. (Ladies, I told you this wasn’t for you.) Here is the link to the registration form on the Waterbrook site. > 2011 Gateway Mens Retreat Form

I hope to see you Sunday morning at Waterbrook!

Pastor Jeff Denton