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Jonathan and Barbara Baker  – CAM International – Pachuca, Mexico
Read the Baker’s latest news here.
          Our desire is to see lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ through
Discipleship and Church Planting.
          July Activities:    Spending the month of July in the US (Texas, Wisconsin,
          & Colorado). Visiting with doctors seeing friends and family, and attending
          our mission’s convocation in Colorado.
          Baker’s Prayer Requests:  Health/Safety/Passport issues. Construction
          on the church. Conference trip first week in July.
Roger and Suzanne Doriot – Crossworld Ministries – Irian Jaya
          Our primary goal is church planting and growth in Irian Jaya (Nalja tribe)
          with a focus on reaching the Vision 2025 goal there. We plan to start a 
          Bible translation project in EVERY language by the year 2025
          July Activities:  PRIORITY is getting some Old Testament material
          photocopied to send to Nalja churches, and letters written to many Nalja
          young people getting education on the coast, to encourage them to consider
          going back to their own area and helping their people with their education.
          Doriot’s Prayer Requests:  Financial, physical, emotional, spiritual needs
          that allow us to continue our mission. Those who receive the Scriptures will
          read and be impacted by them. Growth and testimony opportunity for the
          believers in Nalja.
Jon and Sarah Hau – Power to Change/Campus for Christ – British Columbia/Canada
          Campus for Christ exists to change the world by helping students discover Jesus.
          Our family is in Vancouver to reach students on the campuses of Simon Fraser
          University, University of British Columbia and University of Victoria for Christ
          and to help them learn how to share their faith over their lifetime.
          July Activities:  In the last two months on campus, we had three small outreaches
          on the campuses designed to reach different pockets of students.
          First event featured a C4C staff with his PhD in Biophysics who critiqued the 
          influential book “The Grand Design” by Stephen Hawking.   Second event featured a
          speaker currently writing his PhD Thesis at Oxford speaking about Religious Plurality.
          Third event hosted Dr. Doug Allen, an economics professor, who shared his perspective
          on money and God. Students benefited from insights and a challenging message what we
          place our hope in and how we use finances.
          Hau’s Prayer Requests:  Pray for all the students who brought out friends and
          classmates to the events. Pray for our expanding family and move to a new residence.
Amado and Barb Lozano – CAM Dallas/Ft Worth/Mexico
          Our primary goal is church planting and leadership development in the Spanish
           -speaking world. Recruiting and training local church volunteers to minister in cross
           -cultural settings locally as well as internationally.
          Working in a closed country.
Kristen R.  – Crossworld Ministries – Irian Jaya
*Read Kristen’s latest newsletter here.
          Our vision is to see a movement of indigenous, biblical churches reproducing among
          their own people in Thailand and reaching out in mission to other peoples.
          July Activities:  Continuing to learn the language. Helping Shan children and youth
          with homework, teaching English, and teaching the Bible.
          Kristen’s Prayer Requests: 
Learning the Thai language. Pray for patient friends to 
          practice speaking Thai with.