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Never Walk Away Project

Pastor Jeff Denton writes:
“I’m excited to introduce to you the theme for the month of November at Waterbrook and what we’re doing about it! After Mission Pastor Don Moore shared a need with me for a school at one of the orphanages we work with, I read through chapter three of Proverbs. I could not shake the phrase in verse 27 – “NEVER WALK AWAY from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person.” I compared that with 1 John 3:17 [as read in The Message] – “If you see some brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, what happens to God’s love? It disappears. And you made it disappear.”
I couldn’t escape this biblical concept that choosing to walk away from a need I could help meet was equal to taking God’s love away from that person in need. If God presents the need before me, it’s the opportunity for me to be His hands, feet and heart toward that person. But, turning my back on that need was equivalent to me saying to the person in need, “You’re not important enough for me to express God’s love to you.” This became the birth of our November focus: NEVER WALK AWAY

I’m just back from visiting very poor people in SouthEast Asia. It can be heartbreaking – and has been at times for me on those trips. To see such poverty. To see people hurting so much. To see children who have been abused and abandoned. To see people in a land in which there is very little hope for anything better.
Yet, what I see if joy. What I get is hugs from orphans. Despite what they lack, they express such love for what we do to help them.
We could do more. We will do more.

There’s an open spot in the yard where kids play that is a perfect location for a school. They are desperately praying for it. Good schools are lacking in their country – especially for orphans and the poor. According to details from the U.N. and UNESCO, the local school system is “desperately out of date” and “corruption is common throughout the state education system”. In many rural areas there are NO schools to which a village child has access. But, by providing U.S. Christian home school curriculum, the children at this orphanage have been thriving educationally. They get up and work on this home school curriculum from 6-8 am, before going to the government school. Plus, they do this curriculum on Saturdays and whenever they are on break from their government school. They are so eager for the hope that comes through this improved education. But, they need space to actually begin seriously providing an expanded school setting that will change the lives of these children even more!
Waterbrook has helped another orphanage with a school project in the past. We believe it is time to help again. Money has already been raised to create the foundation on which a school building could be built. What’s needed now is the funding to build three classrooms at a total of $30,000.
When Pastor Don pitched the idea, I really questioned whether we could do it. But, after seeing the need first hand, being reminded of our biblical command to help the less fortunate, and seeking God’s leading – I have no doubt we can and should meet this need.

From November 1st to December 1st, Waterbrook will be working toward raising the $30,000 needed to build this school at the orphanage. It has to happen while maintaining our regular giving. This means that $30,000 has to be above and beyond the regular giving of our church family. That seems pretty daunting.
However, it translates to each family/individual unit at WBF giving $300 over 5 Sundays. That’s $60 a week. Who has an extra $60 a week in their budget? Maybe you, like my first response, say, “Not me.” Then I considered this as a sacrificial giving. That changes the question. Now it’s not about the “extra” money I have; but what I could give up for a month to give to the poor.
Maybe it means giving up Chick-Fil-A for a month. Maybe it’s giving up seeing a movie this month. Maybe it’s by putting off a purchase you were going to make this month. Maybe it’s cutting back to a box of Mac&Cheese and peanut butter sandwiches instead of your regular meal a few times this month. Maybe it’s cutting out that romantic getaway this month. I’ve challenged myself, and encourage you to challenge yourself, what could you give up to sacrificially give this month to our NEVER WALK AWAY campaign to build a school?
The total needed is for 100 individuals/families to give $300 within the next month. (That’s where the $60 a week comes in.) Some can give much more with a little sacrifice. Some will have to stretch to possibly do $10 a week. But, can you give something? [Let me reiterate, shifting $300 of your giving from general offering to this special project does not represent a sacrifice. That hurts our ability to function, pay salaries, and do other mission work locally and around the world. This special project is giving beyond regular general giving.]
Maybe you could offer to rake leaves for some extra money this month. Or sell some baked goods to friends. Or maybe even reach out to some friends who would have interest in helping raise funds for a school for the poor in SouthEast Asia.
Our project began Sunday, November 3rd. There are special offering envelopes available to give toward the NEVER WALK AWAY school project. (These can be found on the auditorium chairs Sunday mornings.) You can also give online, via text message, or the lobby kiosk.

I’m already anticipating the excitement the orphanage leaders and children will have when they learn Waterbrook has given what they need to get their school started. I’m thinking of how pleased God will be with the fact we didn’t WALK AWAY when He presented a need before us as a way to express His love. I’m also jazzed at the idea of all of us arriving in heaven to be greeted with the hug of an orphan you’ve never met, but embraces you with a big “Thank You” hug for how you sacrificed to provide an opportunity for that child to have hope for a better life.

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