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Worship and fun for every Wednesday night for every student at Waterbrook!

Oasis is our midweek program for students from 6th grade to high school seniors. So what is Oasis? It’s worship, games, Bible study and a whole lot of fun mixed in one.

Oasis can be broken out into 4 different elements…

Hang Time

  Before Oasis we have a Candy & Soda Bar open where you can buy snacks and drinks before or after worship. Once a month we have $1 Pizza Night where you and your buddies can buy a slice or the whole pizza! Hangout in the lobby or the backyard game area begins at 6:30 pm.


  Oasis worship begins at 7pm when our Rush Band kicks off a time of worship. This top notch group of students also leads Sunday worship during Church Wide Worship Services on a rotating schedule. They’re not a second-rate student band. They’re amazing worshipers who lead all our students in praise.


What’s Student Ministry without a few games?? Each Wednesday night we play a game that will gets everyone moving and interacting. Sometimes there are prizes, sometimes there there’s just the opportunity to laugh at yourself and your friends.

Bible Study

Oasis comes from Psalm 63, and it describes our purpose in getting refreshed with truth from God. Each Wednesday we look into God’s word to apply lessons to your life. We also have different people who share God’s word with you throughout the year!

Don’t miss the exciting thing to happen to student ministry since Youth Pastors became POSMS!

Every Wednesday. Every Student.

It’s EPIC!

Want to know more about our student ministry and what’s happening? CLICK HERE for a link to the Waterbrook Student Ministry Pages.


Here’s a taste of Waterbrook Student Ministry. This highlight video features some of the fun we’ve had in the past.




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