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RePAIR: A Marriage Saturday Seminar on February 17, 2018, at Waterbrook

A FREE SATURDAY SEMINAR designed to improve your marriage relationship and get you back to the beginning of your love together. Spend this fun and engaging morning RePAIRING with the one who you pledged to love to the end.

Pastor Jeff Denton writes:
“After counseling married and engaged couples for 25+ years, I’m troubled by how much of it has been spend with spouses who are already too far gone when they walk into my office. They seek out a pastor or counselor as a last effort to show family, kids, or a church, that they “tried” to save their marriage. Maybe they think they’re fooling me, but I’ve sat with too many couples in these circumstances to be unable to tell apart the couple willing to fight for their marriage versus the couple who has already given up.”

This Saturday Seminar is three hours spent protecting your marriage. It will include some tough questions that need to be addressed before the problems begin, like:
– What desires are going unmet in your relationship right now?
– In what ways have you drifted apart?
– What secrets are you currently hiding?

There will also be plenty of fun activities and interaction designed to rebuild communication and remind every couple of what attracted them to one another to begin with. We’ll work at protecting the good in your marriage and discuss ways to tear down the walls and bad habits that may be forming in your relationship. Whether you’ve been married six months or sixty years, it’s always good to set aside some time to RePAIR as a couple and remind yourselves that you’re a team!

This three hour event lasts from 9:00 AM to Noon on Saturday, February 17, 2018. (However, we recommend you plan that it goes until 2 PM and plan lunch together afterwards. This class is FREE.

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