Road Trip with Jeff and Stephens #8: Audio & Video

It’s time to hit the road and have an adventure! Join Waterbrook Lead Pastor Jeff Denton and Teaching Pastor Stephen Bramer for an exciting ROAD TRIP with the Apostle Paul and his assorted travel companions that marked the beginning growth of the New Testament Church. These stories are recorded in the book of Acts, and will be explored each week as Jeff and Stephen follow Paul’s travel agenda from Acts (chapters 13 to 20). Plus, most weeks will include a bonus travelogue featuring pictures or facts from Stephen’s many trips to the countries Paul visited. Pack a bag, grab your passport, load up the family, and join us for a ROAD TRIP.

Sermon #8: ON THE ROAD SERIES ● #8 “Why Do They Keep Doing This?” Acts 17:1-15

Questions for More Thought and Discussion
1. What do you think caused the jealousy of the Jews mentioned in verse 5?
2. What is most difficult for you – humility, accepting an answer you don’t want from God, or being eager to learn and test what you’re taught?
3. For more on Paul’s work and concern for the people of Thessalonica read the New Testament books of First & Second Thessalonians. What seemed to be the ongoing issues Paul needed to address with this group of believ-ers? What about the church in Thessalonica encouraged Paul?


Sermon on May 1, 2011 <– Click to listen to the sermon.