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Over the next 24 hours, students will begin to finish up their final preparations for Mission:Rush. After over a month of prayer and meeting with their different groups, they are ready to lead Vacation Bible School for the Karen Trip children. Many of these children have faced more hardships in their short lives than we will in our entire lives. The hope and promises of Jesus that our students bring them can provide so much healing and joy compared to their past. We are expecting that by the end of the week, over 70 students will be attending VBS each morning. As we move the program back outside this year, not only will children get to listen to the Gospel, but so will many parents as they watch from their balconies. We are praying for God to do big things through the Waterbrook students next week…and we can’t wait to see how He answers those prayers.


Afternoon Service Projects

Since VBS lasts only through the morning, students will get the chance to serve in a second service project on several of the afternoons next week. On Monday, the group will head to Redwood at the Lakes mobile home park where they will be splitting into two groups. Each group will be walking around the park cleaning up trash. This is an incredible opportunity to help the staff at Redwood and the over 330 families that live in the Wylie mobile home community. Tuesday, students will be passing out ice cream and hanging out with residents at Hillcrest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. After the ice cream party, students will get the chance to lead the group in songs, sit down at tables to talk with the residents and help clean up some of the outside areas of the facility. If you’ve never spent time serving in a nursing home, this is really something that will move your heart. The happiness that a stranger can bring to the residents (some who rarely get visitors or family come see them) is really life-changing. 30 minutes sitting and talking with a veteran or great-grandmother, or singing songs with a group during lunch can lead to conversations about life and what to look forward too when there may not seem to be much on the horizon. On Friday, students will be working at Spring Hill Retreat Center clearing out some trees. We are blessed to be able to spend a week at Spring Hill completely free (over $2000 in savings) thanks to a grant program that they have for service groups like our Rush students. Next week, our students will get a chance to give back and help get the facility ready for the next group that will be staying there.


The Team

2015 will set a new record of Rush students who are participating in Mission:Rush. It is a testament to what God has done over the years through Odie and Kathy Hume and Mark and Noelle Massey as well as many other leaders who have played a vital part in making this week of service one of the most anticipated ones of the year for students. Below is a list of students who will be participating this year. We would love if you joined us in prayer for these students specifically as they share the Gospel throughout the week in a variety of ways. One way to commit with us is to pray each day for 2 or 3 students by name. You might know them and you might not…either way is fine! If you would like to send an encouraging word to the students this week you can do so below. We will read these out every night before Worship.

Nick Barton, Anna Boling, Trey Boling, Marcee Brown, Wesley Brown, Shea Bush, Zach Carnefix, Kayleigh Connor, JJ Denton, Amelia Denton, Alyssa Estrella, Abigayle Fitzsimmons, Shayna Fuller, Rachel Head, Ben Lorenz, Daniel Lorenz, Drake Massey, Crofts Morrow, Shelby Nash, Glory Odle, Luke Olson, Josiah Panak, Caleb Robb, Isaiah Ramirez, Ethan Russel, Payton Seiler, Kaitlyn Watson

Thank you for supporting our Rush students each year through prayer, the giving of resources and finances, and the time that many commit to drive, cook and spend the night with students. This trip wouldn’t have near the impact without your support and we thank you for that. We are honored to be serving as representatives of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship! Follow along all week as we post updates about what God is doing…both the funny and serious things!


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