Sunday – Prep Night

We have arrived, unloaded and finished up final preparations for a great week of Mission:Rush. Tonight has been full of laughing and old stories as veterans and newbie’s to Mission:Rush alike moved in to the wonderful Spring Hill Retreat Center in Richardson. Students spent much of the night getting moved in and set up in their respective places. They also found some time to venture out across the property to see what had changed from years past and what was awaiting them this year. After going over the rules for the week, the different VBS teams broke into their groups to begin their final preparations for the first day. We expect it to be chaotic, so the word of the night was flexibility. If you’ve ever been on a mission trip before, you know that this word is essential to getting the most out of the trip. 


Once teams had time to organize and coordinate each person’s responsibility for the next day, we had an all group walkthrough for each team. It’s important that every student is involved in everything and that they understand what’s going on. We only have a short time to break down any walls that the Karen Tribe children might have and we can do this fastest by making sure that every child gets involved on Day 1.
VBS is broken into 5 teams: Games, Music, Puppets, Story Teller, and Memory Verse. Each of these teams play a vital role in sharing the Gospel with the kids throughout the week. We don’t know how God will speak to each individual kid this week, but we are praying for Him to use each area to open the door to the Gospel.




After the group finished the walkthrough, we had some of our upper classmen lead us in worship. If you’ve not had a chance to come to any of the Mid-Week Worship services over the last several months, I encourage you to check it out this Fall. Seeing 16, 17, and 18 year olds passionately lead their peers in worship is exciting and uplifting. After worship, we jumped into the Bible to talk about our theme for the week: The Beatitudes. We talked about being blessed and how it is so much more than happiness, but means that we can find joy and comfort when happiness is the farthest thing from what we’re feeling.


We are praying for God to move in the hearts of the Karen children this week as well as their parents. We are praying for God to open up students hearts for the world around them. Be praying for us as we share the joy that we have in Christ and the grace that has changed our world.

– John     

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