Gospel Day!

Each year during VBS at Mission:Rush, the students are given an opportunity to share the Gospel with children. This is a very cool thing for students to do because it helps establish the confidence that they can have these conversations with people and that they do know enough to share the Gospel with anyone. The entire day of VBS is built around the Gospel. After opening with music and games, the puppet team helped to lead the storyteller into the sharing Jesus with the children. This year’s storyteller (Amelia Denton), used Resurrection Eggs as a way to tell the children about Jesus’ final days and what happened after He died on the cross. From there, we break the children into smaller groups where each age group meets with a Waterbrook student(s). Our students then share the Gospel with the kids through the Evangecube. This is a great guide for our students to be able to clearly present the Gospel in a way that is easy to understand.

After our students presented the Gospel and prayed with kids who wanted to put their faith in Jesus, we took some pictures of the leaders and their kids (below). Yet, once again, we were hovering right around the number of kids that we had on Monday and Tuesday with 80 on Wednesday. It has been incredible to watch how God has given us a bigger platform this year than ever before to meet, interact and love on the Karen kids.


After we finished out our VBS for the day, the students had some much needed free time to rest and relax. We finished off the night with an annual tradition of Whirlyball that the students love. If you’ve never played Whirlyball before, it is basically a mix of lacrosse, basketball, and bumper cars. It is one of Pastor Jeff’s favorite games and mine as well. We had to mix in a little laser tag while we were there and just had a great time getting to hang out with one another outside of Spring Hill Retreat Center. Oh and it never hurts to see a World Champion (Anna Boling) take down a machine (below) in a way that only a World Champion could!



Please be praying for the seeds that were planted on Wednesday during the Gospel presentation. We went into this trip praying for God to do big things and bring Himself an incredible amount of glory…and He has answered that prayer time and time again this week. 18 kids prayed to accept Jesus, but we know that there were several more that are in the midst of the journey and we we were just another step in the process.


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