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Text Giving at Waterbrook

Many of us have apps on our phone that allow us to order food from our favorite restaurant, a drink at happy hour, a perfect coffee drink, or even to do our Christmas shopping online. Have you considered using your phone to give to your church?

Maybe you could skip a meal at your favorite restaurant or choose to drink water instead of coffee for the week and, instead, use that money to help fund our orphanage school project during our NEVER WALK AWAY project. It’s easy to give from your phone in two ways.

One way to give is through the Waterbrook mobile app and give by clicking on the GIVE option of the app menu. That connects you to give through our online giving portal. You can also give by clicking through the giving page on this website.

Get the mobile app by clicking HERE for the Apple version or HERE for the Android version via Google Play.


Do you need an easy, convenient way to contribute to the church? Text giving is a powerful way to give in a matter of seconds. You can give to our General Offering or, in November, to our special Never Walk Away project.

During your most hectic times, you can continue to fulfill your commitments, respond to special needs offerings, and give whenever you are moved and wherever you are located.

Send a giving text to 888-291-5479. It’s simple and secure. Detailed instructions are found in the step by step instructions below.

  1. Getting Started – For your first time use, simply send a text to 888-291-5479 with the amount you would like to contribute. Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount – e.g. $10. Sometimes you can use keywords to designate your gift to a specific project or fund. In November, you can give to the NEVER WALK AWAY school fund by including the word “Special” in your text after the amount. That designation will then go to the fund to build a school at an orphanage in SE Asia.
  2. Register – You will receive a registration link. Click the link and enter your contact and payment information. Click “PROCESS” at the bottom of that page.
  3. Verification and Receipt – You will receive a verification of your gift by text and a receipt via email if you’ve entered your email into the form.
  4. Repeat Giving – For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you wish to give and it will process automatically. You won’t have to enter card information again. You may want to add the text number as “Waterbrook Giving Number” for ease of finding that number in your contacts in the future.
  5. Special Giving – At times you’re able to use keywords to designate donations to special funds or love offerings. In November 2018 we have a special mission project to build an orphanage school. You can donate to that project this month by using the keyword – Special.

Screen captures of the process can be seen below.