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The Swell – Preteen Ministry

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As a student ministry, our goal is to help students transition into the next phase of life. Whether that is going from junior high to high school or from high school to college or even from an awkward kid to a leader of others…we want to help them transition through every stage knowing that God knows them, cares for them and desires to make His name known through them. We care about students transitioning through the preteen years and have a special group just for them – The Swell PreTeen Ministry.

Why “The Swell”?

From the science side, a swell is the forming of waves from the wind. Waves begin to form from swell lines and then, after being fully formed, become the waves that we see on the beach. Simply put, the swell is the stage before the wave. From a ministry side, PreTeen students are very unique! They are not quite the same as Jr High students when it comes to emotions, their physical bodies, and their personalities. But they are also not little kids anymore. They don’t identify themselves with 3rd and 4th graders.

So our job as a ministry will be to help them transition from Splash (children’s ministry) to Wave (junior high ministry)…see the in-depth water theme there? We are extremely excited about this new ministry and how it helps shape 5th and 6th grade students.

Whose leads the Swell?

John Robbins (Student Pastor) leads the ministry from the vision and planning side. Our Sunday teaching staff and small group leaders interact with the students on Sunday mornings.

This sounds fun! How can I be a part of The Swell?

We would LOVE to have you be a part of this ministry. Small group leaders are always a need with our student ministries. We can talk more with you about what that commitment would require if you’re interested. If you’re not sure about being a small group leader but are still interested, let us know! We have a few other roles that would involve people with just about any type of gift! If you’re not serving right now at Waterbrook, this might be your place! To get more info, contact John Robbins (  [All leaders in student ministries must undergo a background check application process.]

Any other details?

The Swell (current 4th & 5th graders) meets in the 200 Building, in the Rush Room during the 9:30am hour. They only meet during this hour on Sunday mornings, so make sure you don’t miss out! We appreciate you working as a family to possibly adjust your schedule so that your student can be involved in a ministry designed just for their needs!

Swell students also get invited to some of the broader student ministry events with Wave and Rush students. Make sure Pastor John Robbins has your contact information (parents) so you don’t miss out on any opportunity for your student to connect to other students, mentors, and God!