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This Weekend at Waterbrook – August 27-28, 2011

This Saturday is the Potluck and Pictionary Supper/Game Night at the 507 building. It’s a great evening out for adults, and you’re welcome to join in the festivities! The fun begins at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 27th.


This Sunday is “Don’t Bring a Friend to Church Sunday.” This is an important Sunday when we’re taking the time to worship and talk casually about our church family and the changes on the horizon. It’s a time to talk directly to the church family about what we do and don’t want to see happen as we continue to grow and the switch to two services this fall. If you’ve been concerned about losing relationships because you’ll be in a different worship service from your friends or are concerned about connecting with others as we grow, it’s really important you don’t miss this Sunday. By the way, we won’t turn away any visitors or new guests who show up. In fact, if I was considering attending a church, this kind of event is the exact service I’d want to attend to catch a glimpse of the heart of the church family. Classes are at 9:30 a.m., with the worship service starting at 10:45 this Sunday. If you’d like to read a fuller description of this service, be sure to check out the description at our website. That link is >


Speaking of links…

I found an interesting blog post today on the Our Daily Journey Blog from Kathy Cheek. If you’ve not gotten to know Kathy, or her husband Randy, you can get a glimpse into her heart with that blog entry located at this link. >


If you enjoyed Dave Burchett’s recent sermon in the Life Verse series, you would probably enjoy reading his blog located at this link. >


If you enjoy digging into theology and thinking about what you believe, I highly recommend the blog of Waterbrook elder and teacher, Charles Savelle. You’ll find his blog at this link. >


If you read through all those blogs and still have insomnia, you’re even welcome to jump over to my blog at

(I promise nothing as deep or spiritual as the previous three blogs!)


That’s enough for now. But, if YOU have a blog or some writing you’d love to share with others, be sure to let me know. I’d enjoy reading what you’re putting out there, and may even have an opportunity to pass it on to others in a future email.


Say a prayer for a student or teacher you know this week.

I hope to see you Sunday!