Tough Topic – TECHNOLOGY IMPACT – Wednesday, July 25, 2018

TOUGH TOPIC DISCUSSIONS are events hosted by WBF Student Ministry for the purpose of presenting and leading discussions on issues and needs that may be uncomfortable for some people to initiate on their own. Some topics are hosted as closed discussions for students only with parents receiving a summary (including questions asked by students) after the event. Other times the discussions are open to teens and parents or to the larger community. In July, everyone is invited to a TOUGH TOPIC that needs discussion.

TECHNOLOGY is a way of life for many of us. It’s how we connect with others, how we work, how we communicate, how we learn. Along with the benefits come dangers that sometimes don’t get discussed until a situation reaches crisis mode. There are four areas we’ll hit in this discussion with application to teens, parents, married couples, small children, singles, and aging adults. Those four key areas are:

  1. DISCONNECTION. Why do people who are digitally connected still find themselves lonely?
  2. DISTRACTION. How technology impacts our awareness in dark streets, while driving, and even in a room full of people.
  3. FOMO. More options isn’t necessarily leading to better decision-making skills. Overload of information can lead to a paralysis in life choices. It’s called, “Fear Of Missing Out.”
  4. HEALTH. How is digital information and screen viewing impacting our reading retention and long-term memory?

As part of our ongoing TOUGH TOPICS series presented by Waterbrook Student Ministries, we’re hosting a presentation on What You Need to Know About Technology that is for both STUDENTS, PARENTS, TEACHERS, MARRIED COUPLES and ANYONE ELSE interested. [Everyone is invited.]

The discussion will be led by Pastors Jeff Denton & John Robbins. Between them, they have 40+ years of counseling and working with students and families though difficult situations. These two men are PRO-Technology and frequent users of new tech. This isn’t a curmudgeonly discussion that all technology is bad. This direct and honest conversation is based on new research and designed to educate teens and parents on the issues and consequences that come with technology, and how to discuss it as a family.

Unsure if this is a danger to good families with a healthy awareness of technology? CLICK HERE to read the heartbreaking story of the impact on one family. (This will not be the focus of the evening, but is a sobering story of how quickly harmless technology can change your life for the bad.)

This free seminar is open to friends and family and will be held in the Waterbrook Auditorium in the 100 Building. Waterbrook is located at 507 Thomas Street in Wylie, Texas. For more information email or

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