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TOUGH TOPIC DISCUSSIONS are events hosted by WBF Student Ministry for the purpose of presenting and leading discussions on issues and needs that may be uncomfortable for some people to initiate on their own. Some topics are hosted as closed discussions for students only with parents receiving a summary (including questions asked by students) after the event. Other times the discussions are open to teens and parents or to the larger community. In June, everyone is invited to a TOUGH TOPIC that needs discussion.

One growing form of activity on mobile devices is Sexting. It’s impacting both students and adults. It can be a form of bullying or used for sexual gratification. It not only enters into moral issues, but also legal. Waterbrook has supported the WISD initiatives to get student informed about the dangers of sexting. (We even hosted an assembly for one of the local schools.) It’s something we believe students AND parents must know about and discuss.

As part of our ongoing TOUGH TOPICS series presented by Waterbrook Student Ministries, we’re hosting a presentation on What You Need to Know About Sexting that is for both STUDENTS and PARENTS. [Anyone is invited.]

The discussion will be led by Pastors Jeff Denton & John Robbins. Between them, they have 40+ years of counseling and working with students and families though difficult situations. This direct and honest conversation is designed to educate teens and parents on what sexting is, the dangers of it, the potential legal consequences, and how to discuss it as a family.

This free seminar is open to friends and family and will be held in the Waterbrook Auditorium in the 100 Building. Waterbrook is located at 507 Thomas Street in Wylie, Texas. For more information email or