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Parking on Campus

When arriving on the Waterbrook campus from Thomas Street, you enter our campus at the entrance in front of the 100 Building (main building). On Sunday mornings there is typically a parking lot greeter at this entrance to welcome you onto our campus. Our parking team also operates our golf cart to remote parking locations when the lot gets full. The parking flows one direction on Sunday mornings around the campus buildings. The drive completely circles our driveway with parking located on the West, South and East sides of our campus. The drive exits back to Thomas Street on the North edge of the Waterbrook campus.

If the lot is completely full when you arrive, you can also park in the Wylie Senior Center to the south of the Waterbrook campus. We share parking space with the Senior Center for events and Sunday morning. The parking team watches that lot and will show up to give you a ride to the WBF campus. It’s their pleasure to transport you. On cold or wet days, the golf cart is enclosed for your comfort. The parking team also offers return rides after each worship service for anyone who has parked at a remote location. They will be located just outside the front doors of the 100 Building.