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What is Bible Exposition?

Expositional Preaching WEB

Waterbrook is committed to teaching that is true to God’s Word. Though that can be presented through a testimony, guest speaker, or topical sermon, a majority of our preaching is in the style of Biblical Exposition. This prompts the question: “What is Bible Exposition?”

First of all, an expositional sermon explains a biblical text.  In explaining the text, a teacher uses sound hermeneutics (a topic for another time), in order to explain what the author intended to convey to his original audience.  Before moving to application, a teacher must explain what the author meant in the original context.  In essence, a teacher explains what the text means and not what the text means to me.

Secondly, the teacher illustrates the message of the biblical text.  Illustrations help to bridge the gap from the world of the biblical author to the present day.  Illustrations also help to solidify the explanation for the hearers.  Illustrations do not replace the text.  Rather, illustrations are another way of explaining the text.

Thirdly, the teacher applies the message of the biblical author to the audience.  In application, the speaker shows how the message intended by the author should impact the present day audience.  This is the “So what?” portion of the lesson.

There are other elements that might distinguish a good expositional sermon or lesson, but this is a simple explanation of the concept. We are committed to exposition because we believe it is the best method for communicating God’s Word.  It is our hope you will be committed to exposition as well and come to WBF each Sunday expecting the Word to be explained, illustrated and applied.

(Adapted from an article written by Josh Bramer in the June 2012 edition of the “Thru the Notes” newsletter.)