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Waterbrook 2.0 Commitment Sunday – May 18, 2014

This is taken from a letter sent by Pastor Jeff Denton to the Waterbrook family recently.

Dear Waterbrook Friend,

A couple weeks ago I stood on the stage during our Waterbrook 2.0 Launch Service and was shocked by something that occurred. When I asked for the hands of those who were not present when we got into our building a little over three years ago, I couldn’t believe more than half the people in the auditorium raised their hands. I know we’ve grown, but couldn’t believe how many people have come to WBF recently. This was the result of a church family who gave sacrificially of themselves a few years ago to purchase the 507 property and build the 100 building.

As I’ve been praying since that service, I’m overwhelmed thinking of all the people who are going to be impacted in the years to come. Many of those people we haven’t met yet, but some we know and are praying for now. Today those people are lost or hurting, prodigals, the sick and scared. There are even those vehemently denying Christ and refusing today to hear the Holy Spirit knocking at the door of their heart. It reinforces within me the truth that this campaign is about more than money and buildings. It’s a significant move toward changing the lives of people as they meet Jesus and grow in Him. The opportunity for their lives to be changed will be because of those who are at Waterbrook and giving today.

Because of the speed of the growth we’ve been experiencing, my prayer has been not just for enough money to enable us to build in three years, but for enough cash in initial gifts to allow us to get started now. I don’t claim to know God’s mind on the issue of a time table; but as I watch new people walk into WBF every week it sure feels like we’re having to run to keep up with what He’s doing. The gifts we get up front and in the first year will determine what happens next and how quickly we move. It won’t change our commitment to growing disciples, just how we’ll plan to do it in the short term.

There might be one or two people who will make a major difference in our Waterbrook 2.0 campaign. More likely there are a bunch of people who will make a major impact by their decision on a sacrificial gift that will combine with the gifts of others to add up to something none of us could have done alone.

We need you. The people who will be impacted by the future ministry of Waterbrook need you.

No matter the amount raised and committed, my prayer is for 100% of the Waterbrook family to prayerfully interact with God and find themselves 100% obedient to His will. If that happens, it won’t matter whether we have the money to build now or later because we’ll be exactly where we need to be right now.

Waterbrook 2.0 is primarily about Discipleship. I’m praying not only for future disciples, but for you and I to be growing as disciples today. How are YOU growing? What is your next step of growth with God? Our Vision of making and growing disciples isn’t just about people who show up tomorrow. All of us at Waterbrook right now should be a growing disciple. Buildings are for tomorrow; but being obedient to God’s call on us as a church and individuals is not.

There are two important upcoming dates in the life of our church this year. One is our 10th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, August 3rd. It will be a great day honoring God for what He’s done and continues to do at Waterbrook. We want to start hearing your story about how God has impacted your life through the ministry of Waterbrook.
The second is our Waterbrook 2.0 Celebration Sunday on May 18th. This will be a foundational day in the future of WBF as we get a glimpse into God’s plan and timing for what happens next. We’ll be celebrating God’s goodness together in our services that morning – including the encouragement of seeing believers baptized.

In our services on the Waterbrook 2.0 Celebration Sunday we’ll be inviting you to make your financial faith commitment to God for the 200 Discipleship Building as God leads. One of those commitment cards is included with this letter for you to use as you pray in advance of those services. Since the new building and these sacrificial gifts are committed toward the purpose of discipleship, I’d like to ask you to add something to that card. Would you include on the back of the card a personal commitment you (as an individual, couple or family) are making to grow as a disciple(s) this year? Let us know what your next step is. For some it might be toward membership, a Home Team, giving, serving or leading in a new way. It might be a commitment of growth through increased prayer, Scripture reading/study, or accountability.2-0 Logo Slide WEB

Finally, if God is leading you to give an initial monetary gift to the Building Fund on May 18th to help jump start our fundraising, we will have special envelopes available that morning for that purpose. You may also give online at through our secure link. Be sure to designate your gift to the “Building Fund” if that’s your intention.

God seldom reveals much of His path for us at one time. Yet, He remains faithful about leading us in the next step at the right time. I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you. I’m also excited to see what God holds next for us at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship as we grow disciples today to pave the way for new followers of Jesus Christ tomorrow!

Jeff Denton, Lead Pastor
Waterbrook Bible Fellowship