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Online Giving Portal


SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES – All believers are called to serve God. There are many ways to give back to God with your time and talents. A listing of service opportunities is available from the church office.

FINANCIAL GIVING – All people should give financially as God leads them. Giving should also be done with a good attitude since “God loves a cheerful giver.” The primary route of giving most recently has been through the collection of tithes and offerings during the worship service. We do this because giving is part of our worship and an opportunity to honor God. Giving doesn’t have to be limited to a worship service offering, just as singing, praying or Bible study isn’t limited to a weekly worship service. For this reason, Waterbrook also provides opportunities for giving at other times through online giving.

Online Giving is an opportunity for those who give to provide support for Waterbrook through one-time or ongoing contributions. Our online giving is secure and available for gifts to a variety of church funds.

*A note about giving with credit cards – Our online giving option is intended for those who wish to give using debit cards, but also works with credit cards. We encourage all who give to Waterbrook to practice good stewardship. We do not encourage giving in a manner that increases your consume debt. See FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for more thoughts on credit card giving.

In addition to these forms of giving, there are also creative ways to give to Waterbrook including stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and through insurance designations and wills. Contact the church office for more information on these giving options.

Thank you for joining us in our ministry of sharing the message of Christ in Wylie and beyond. As you hear praise reports from the ongoing ministry of Waterbrook, please know it wouldn’t be happening without God’s generous provision supplied through you. We know many people give sacrificially to Waterbrook, and we are sincerely grateful for your support.




How Often Can I Give Online?

Online giving can be designated as a One Time Gift or set up on a schedule of monthly, twice monthly, or weekly contributions.

Is Giving Online to Waterbrook Secure and Confidential?

We recognize the security issues associated with electronic money transfers, therefore, we researched the process and work with a reputable and secure online company (EasyTithe) for these transactions. All electronic giving is handled with the same encryption technology used by banks and ecommerce companies like to keep your data secure and safe. The church office doesn’t even see your credit card information when the transaction is placed into our account. We receive your name, fund designation, amount of gift, and a transfer ID number, but not your credit card number. Online giving is treated with the same confidentiality as our worship service offerings. Your gift is counted and accounted for by two people (our office administrator and a volunteer assistant). Pastoral staff and board members do not have access to individual giving records.

May I Give with My Credit Card?

Waterbrook Bible Fellowship encourages good stewardship. We do not encourage giving that increases consumer debt. Proverbs 22:7 says “…the borrower is servant to the lender”, and credit card debt causes many people to struggle financially. We are unable to distinguish whether an online gift is given with a debit or credit card, therefore, we allow both to be used for online donations. With that said, if you’re able to pay off your balance at the end of the month we don’t mind you using your credit card to rack up frequent flyer miles.

When Is the Transaction Processed and When Are Online Gifts Counted?

Gifts are processed immediately, but can take up to 3 business days to show up in your account records. Offerings are counted Monday mornings. Online gifts processed by 9:00 am Monday morning will be included in the offering count for that Sunday. Online gifts processed after that deadline will be included in the count for the following Sunday’s offering.

Can I Change a Scheduled Contribution?

You can edit or delete a scheduled contribution at any time.

I Want to Give Online, but I Like the Action of Putting Something in the Offering Plate as Part of My Sunday Worship?

You may place a copy of the email receipt in the offering if you like. The church office receives a copy automatically, but it won’t mess up our records.

Is Online Giving Tax-Deductible?

Waterbrook Bible Fellowship is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Online giving will be included in your end-of-year giving statement. However, any payments given online for events (luncheons, retreats) or as payment for other goods and services (class Bible study book) are not eligible for a tax-deduction and will not show up on end-of-year giving statements.