New Property & Building Updates

The Exciting News at the End of Week 23…

WEEK 22 CONSTRUCTION UPDATE – January 10, 2010 

Week 22 of work at the Waterbrook construction site has just begun, but we’re already off and running like crazy! Several crews continued to work over the weekend as they help to press us toward our targeted opening date. The ceiling grid is now up in most of the rooms. Dryfall painting has begun. (This is the paint that goes on the upper, exposed ceiling in the lobby and auditorium.) Crews have been running the wiring for the AV stations. Tile has been laid in most of the bathrooms. Work has also begun on construction of the stage in the auditorium. And now we’re to the point where volunteers are needed to finish projects. Go to this page > to find out what and when help is needed. Here are a few pictures from this weekend and today:

We begin a new "stage" of activity as work begins on this project in the auditorium.

Dryfall work in the lobby. You've seen this many times when you've been in buildings with exposed ceilings. Everything at the ceiling level is painted one color (beams, insulation, ducts, wiring) to make everything blend in together. Once painted everything becomes somewhat "invisible" from usual notice. The lobby is being painted white to give a more open and spacious feel to the entryway. The sanctuary dryfall will be black to make everything disappear.

The drop ceiling grid has been installed in the Splash Children's Zone. Much of the duct-work octopus has been trimmed.

James Hunter leads a team in running AV wiring.

Three of our high school guys moved all the boxes of tile from the 507 building into the new building. Kudos to Robbie Petty, Matt Carnefix, and Aaron Carnefix!


WEEK 20 CONSTRUCTION UPDATE – January 3, 2011 

Welcome to a new year, 2011, and week 20 of work at the Waterbrook site. The exterior of the building is finished and doors are installed.

Kathy Hume, Vicki Heath, Dee Stredwick and Deana Denton picking paint colors in the new building.

With the target move-in date only four weeks away, most of the work is now focused on getting the interior finished. Walls/drywall is up and texture has been placed on the walls. Now it’s primer and paint. We had a great crew of ladies from the Design Team onsite today checking out how the color looks on the walls and making adjustments to said color of paint. They started this morning… 

…and were still going this afternoon… 

Deana Denton, Virginia Reed, Linda Emmons, Vicki Heath & Kathy Hume talk paint color choices with expert Waterbrook painter Bob Williams.

The primer is being applied to the walls as I type this entry, and the paint will start going up in the next day or two. It’s getting closer to the point where we open these doors! 

Drywall is up in the lobby. We keep getting closer to our Grand Opening!


WEEK 14 CONSTRUCTION UPDATE – November 24, 2010 

On this eve of Thanksgiving, let me share some wonderful praises from the Waterbrook construction site at 507 Thomas Street. First, the crews have begun getting the stone and brick onto the outside of the building. Second, the interior wall studs are starting to appear inside. You can actually begin to see the outline of rooms! And, third, several of our Rush and Wave students (Sr. & Jr. High) spent several hours onsite today as the first group to put some “sweat equity” labor into our project. They cleaned the parking lot and smashed concrete. It’s been an amazing day, and I’m grateful for all who’ve helped us get this far. We’re far enough along now to have a projected move-in date. We’re not announcing that date yet, but get ready for that announcement in the next couple of weeks! Here are a few pictures from the worksite today, the day before we celebrate Thanksgiving. Maybe it will give you a little something extra for which you can praise God tomorrow!  

The south side of the building was the first to get stone today. 11-24-10

Interior wall studs are starting to go up. You can see the outline of bathrooms to the left and the auditorium to the right. The hall in the center of the picture leads to the preschool and nursery rooms. 11-24-10

And the work continues on the day before Thanksgiving. 11-24-10

Pastor Don Moore lets Rush and Wave students take a break from working at the Waterbrook construction site as he shares with them about being thankful. 11-24-10



Week 11 at the Waterbrook site brought an exciting change to the scenary – we’re actually starting to see the structure of a building take shape! The steel was delivered this week and the crew began putting it together at 507 Thomas Street in Wylie. Be sure to make a trip by the property and see what’s starting to look like a building. Here’s a picture from this week’s work…  

Waterbrook steel construction begins during week 11.



The first 10 weeks of our project have flown by and much has been accomplished at the 507 Thomas Street site. Pastor Jeff Denton recorded this video update on Friday, October 29, 2010. It was the day crews finished pouring the last of the parking lots. All the basic groundwork is now done – allowing for delivery of the steel. Construction of the steel structure will begin in week 11 (the first week of November). Here’s the video update >  



Well, we’ve dug down 10 feet, then replaced the soil that will be under the foundation. We got three days of rain from Tropical Storm Hermine, but got right back on schedule. The hole has been completely refilled, with new “select fill” soil placed on top, raising the grade 1-2 feet above the old grade. The crew began drilling the holes for the 36 piers on Friday, September 17th. Pastor Jeff shared the following video update…



We’ve seen a week of work on the property, and it’s amazing how much is already done. Around half of the foundation space is already dug out. They’re digging down 10 feet, not because of a basement, but because of the soil. Pastor Jeff Denton explains that and shows the progress in this Week 1 Recap video. –>

Go to Pastor Jeff’s personal blog for a special bloopers video from the first week, and other pictures of the most recent work. CLICK HERE –> (Or paste the link)  


CONSTRUCTION BEGINS, August 24, 2010 – 

The big equipment began arriving yesterday, Monday, August 23rd, and the crews arrived today to begin the task of grading and excavating the Phase 2 building site. It is an exciting day in the life of Waterbrook! Here’s the blog link for Pastor Jeff’s pictures and comments on what began today –>  

Here’s the video Pastor Jeff Denton made onsite that day –>


GROUNDBREAKING, August 15, 2010 – 

The Waterbrook family held a Groundbreaking Event on the 507 Thomas Street property on Sunday, August 15, 2010, after our morning worship service (held at Dodd Elementary). Over 100 people showed up and gathered initially under the trees in front of the 507 Ministry Center since temperatures were already well over 100 degrees. While waiting to get started, everyone was invited to look at exterior brick and stone samples for the exterior of the new building and cast a ballot for an opinion poll being collected by the Building Team. Everyone then moved out onto the property for a couple overhead pictures taken with the kind assistance of the Wylie Fire Department. Everyone grouped into room locations to get a feel for the interior size of the new building, then everyone moved to the perimeter of the building outline and Pastor Jeff Denton led us in prayer. Following the prayer, everyone got the opportunity to help break ground and dig in! It was a great day!  

Here’s a link to Pastor Jeff Denton’s blog with pictures of that day –>  

Here’s a link to an article on the Groundbreaking, which appeared in “The Wylie News” the following week. –>  

Waterbrook friends & family gathered around the outlined perimeter of the Phase 2 building during Groundbreaking!


FEBRUARY 1, 2010 – 

We received our occupancy approval by the city of Wylie to open our offices in the new 507 Ministry Center building on the Thomas Street property. This new location now houses all the staff offices for Waterbrook Bible Fellowship. We are limited in parking space, and cannot park along Thomas Street, but are excited for the opportunities we now have to host small events at our first permanent building. The remodeling and opening of this building was our PHASE 1 project. We now move on to working toward PHASE 2, which will be the construction of a new church building on our pr0perty, south of the office building. Keep Praying!  


NOVEMBER 2009 – 

Waterbrook closed on the field property today. We now own the 3.62 acre Thomas Street property! Paid in cash, so no debt for this land. We’re praising the Lord!  

Exciting News Launches New Era for Waterbrook!  


We’re thrilled to announce that Waterbrook Bible Fellowship has a new permanent home location. Our leadership team was able to secure 3.62 acres of field property at the NE corner of Thomas Street and Pirate Drive in Wylie. God’s provision was amazing in details and price. This property is located across the street from the current Wylie Library, at the entrance of a major city park, and just up the street from Burnett Jr. High and the Jr. High football stadium. The Wylie ISD offices are located at the other end of Pirate Drive. The field property is less than a block off of FM544 / Stone Road.  

We’re thrilled about the doors of opportunity and ministry this presents for our congregation. No details are yet available on what will be built in phase one or when construction may begin. Please be patient and be praying for God’s leading in the next stages of this process. The land was purchased in cash and places Waterbrook Bible Fellowship under no debt obligation. Fundraising continues as we look to a future building program. Please consider pledgjng and giving to our Building Campaign.