Waterbrook Christmas Sermon Series: The Toys of Christmas


When we think of childhood Christmas memories, we often think of the toys that came with Christmas. Everyone had different experience. Some children receive one gift. Some may not have received any, but had a wish list. Others of us woke up to trees surrounded by gifts Christmas morning. No matter the experience, the wonder and joy of childhood is part of what makes celebrating Christmas so much fun.

This Christmas Waterbrook Lead Pastor Jeff Denton is revisiting some of his favorite Christmas toys of childhood as we celebrate this sacred holiday season. As a special bonus, as he shares one of his favorite toys each week – he’ll be giving away that toy to those in attendance! Join us at Waterbrook and get your free gift each week December, 4, 11 & 18, 2016, in worship services at 9:30 and 10:55 AM. Our amazing decoration team has also transformed the auditorium into a wonderland of delight!

Learn how and why these toys were important to Pastor Jeff and learn how they’re connected to the Christmas nativity. Whether you’re a regular attender or a first-time guest, we think you’ll enjoy these special services during this Christmas season!

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