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Waterbrook Elders Take Steps for Future Growth

With stops at three financial institutions on Thursday, the Waterbrook Elder officers for 2013 helped set our church family up for continued growth in the months and years ahead. Our officers for 2013 are:

Dan Carnefix, Chairman
Odie Hume, Vice-Chairman
Jacob Day, Secretary
Walt Ransom, Treasurer

They finalized the refinance of our 100 Building to a much lower interest rate through American National Bank of Texas *Wylie Branch*. This decreases our payments while shortening the life of the loan. The elders and Stewardship Team had presented a budget for 2013 to the congregation at the Annual Meeting (January 2013) that allows for additional payment towards the principle each month with the lower payment amount. This also helps shorten the lifespan of the loan.

These details will help as the leadership team begins announcing some new ministry and building changes to help with continuing growth at Waterbrook. Be listening and watching for those details in the days ahead!