Waterbrook News for October 21, 2011

Did you know the group of people growing fastest toward living alone are those between 45-64 years old? Both an aging population and relationship failures are to blame, but the statistic is alarming. The largest segment of our national population is moving toward being more and more alone. Did you know an estimated 10-20 million people are currently experiencing “living together loneliness”? LTL is when a breakdown occurs in a relationship that results in people in the same home having little to no communication between them. Considering that statistic alone, it’s probably not a surprise that 65% of Americans spend more time with their computer than they do with their spouse!

The BAD NEWS is that you’re statistically heading toward a lonely existence. The GOOD NEWS is that you don’t have to become one of those statistics! This Sunday morning at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship I’ll be concluding the “Are You Alone?” series with a final message of hope on the topic. You’re already a step the right direction by being part of a local church. You have the opportunity to be connected to your church family. I hope you’ll join us for this wrap up weekend on what it means to be connected as a Christian. Remember, services are at 9:30 and 10:55.

Boo On Ballard – This wonderful event is next Thursday, October 27th on Ballard Street in Wylie. Please remember to bring your candy this Sunday so we can have plenty to pass out to the crowds of people who stream by each booth during this event. I hear we still need volunteers to help work the booth, hand out candy, and mingle with the crowd. If you’re willing to help in some way, please talk to Cindy Dahlke on Sunday morning or email her at cindydahlke@ymail.com or dcdahlke@gmail.com.

I’ve received a few emails asking for more on the story of Jenny Eller. Jenny was the teen I spoke about in my closing sermon illustration last Sunday. She was diagnosed with leukemia and had to depend on blood transfusions to stay alive. I’ve posted some more of her story, as told by her father, and a video produced about her story, on my personal blog. You can read (and/or) watch more on her powerful testimony at this link  http://www.dentonslive.com/saved-by-someone-elses-blood-jenny-eller/ .

MISSION PRAYER REQUEST:  Waterbrooker JERRY JURDEN left today on his missionary trip to Russia with other worship musicians including Tommy Walker. Please be praying for Jerry and this team as they present worship opportunities and train worship leaders and musicians from today until his return on November 1st. Jerry has given us a daily prayer guide for you to use as your pray for this team. You should see that in the next post in this category. Here’s what he’s written for today: Friday, October 21, 2011 Agenda – Most of the team will be traveling to Moscow. Please pray for a great trip and that all of the extra gear the team is taking arrives unharmed. Pray for those Russian pastors and worship leaders who are still considering coming to the conference as well as financial provision for them to do so.

One other special prayer item I’d ask you to remember…Michelle & Jace L. Jace is the oldest son of Waterbrookers Robin & Garry L. Jace & Michelle were married just a few weeks ago. Since returning from their honeymoon, Michelle has been dealing with a serious medical issue. She has surgery last weekend and is still in the hospital.

I really hope you’ll be with us this Sunday at Waterbrook. One of the songs we’ll be singing in worship this weekend is a classic throwback that many of you will know. What do you think it is? Hmmm…


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