What’s New at Waterbrook for December?

Christmas is almost here!  Does that thought elicit panic or bring you great joy?

We’re also getting reading for Christmas at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship. This means a challenging sermon series to prepare our hearts for our holiday celebrations. I’m teaming up with Waterbrook Teaching Pastor Stephen Bramer for a Christmas sermon series titled, “Three Gifts for Jesus”. You can read more about this series at this link: http://www.waterbrook.org/christmas-sermon-series/

We’re also collecting gift items for Karin Tribe refugees who have been relocated to DFW. We’re focusing our giving on three specific needs these families have. Please bring your gift items to the church on the first two Sundays in December (4th & 11th), and place the items under the Christmas tree in the lobby. They’ve asked us not to wrap the gifts for ease in deciding how to distribute. You can still place a card with each gift. The items being collected are:
(1) New Blankets
(2) “No show” socks
(3) Floor lamps. (The apartments do not have overhead lighting.)
Thank you for your generosity!

And, if you’re missing a service sometime during the holidays, you can always catch up on any sermon you miss! If you didn’t know, all sermons are made available on this website. Plus, sermons are also now available at the iTunes Store (free) as a podcast. Read more about how to access these sermons at this link: http://www.waterbrook.org/where-can-i-find-waterbrook-sermons-online/

Whether you’re shopping, cooking, partying, worshiping or sharing God’s love in other ways this Christmas, be sure to honor the reason we celebrate Christmas – CHRIST!

Pastor Jeff Denton

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