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Distinctive's of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship

1. We believe in the Authority and Relevant Application of God’s Word.

· Primarily Expository Teaching (explaining and applying Scripture in

its context)
· Applying Sunday to Monday and beyond

2. We believe in Team Ministry.

3. We believe in the power and absolute priority of relationships.

4. We believe in the church’s responsibility to equip the community of believers for kingdom building (Discipleship).

5. We believe in the necessity of reaching children with the gospel and with teaching them biblical truths for life.

6. We believe in missions and so have committed ourselves to setting aside 10% of our general fund giving to support full-time and short- term missions.

7. Waterbrook Bible Fellowship values the ministry of women.

8. Waterbrook Bible Fellowship is committed to influencing our community.

9. Waterbrook Bible Fellowship is committed to maintaining a Fluid Culture.

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