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Ukraine Mission & Aid

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

As Waterbrook has continued to send teams and funding to our partners in Ukraine and surrounding countries, we extend our gratitude to all who have given and prayed for these efforts.

Here's a video explaining some of our efforts and impact these programs, gifts and trips have been having.

In March 2022, Waterbrook sent Lead Pastor Jeff Denton and Student Ministry Pastor John Robbins on a humanitarian mission on behalf of our church and community to Ukraine and border countries. This was done through partnerships with ministries with whom we already have relationships.

Within five days, our pastors were headed to Europe with six crates of requested medical supplies and substantial cash to fund ministry efforts on the ground for those in Ukraine and those assisting in care of Ukrainian refugees fleeing their war torn country.

Once they arrived in Europe, they began trips to the border with Life Romania. Trips into Moldova and Ukraine followed. Below is a collection of the reports they filed while in Europe delivering supplies, passing on cash, and transporting refugees from Ukraine to safe transfer locations. You can see the video links and read posts on this page or at the links. You can also continue to give toward these humanitarian efforts and be assured your money will get to those doing impactful work on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

At the present time we are still collecting funds to get to our partner ministries in Ukraine. These donations will be given to the ministries with which Waterbrook partners and have seen the efforts and how they are using the money for true humanitarian purposes. These gifts will go directly to our vetted partners. We have continued to send persons from Waterbrook into the area on humanitarian efforts and with additional supplies.

At the giving page, enter your financial gifts into the Ukrainian Humanitarian Ministry Fund.

You may click any of the links below to access details about the trip and ministry that continues in Ukraine.

CLICK HERE to access a playlist of all the interviews Pastor Jeff conducted with pastors, missionaries, and humanitarian aid workers while in Europe.

Here's a link to Pastor Jeff's blogs posted with some of Pastor John's powerful pictures. Including observations from their experiences. CLICK HERE

Click this link to access the last of Pastor Jeff's blogs at the end of their week in Romania.

Hear the pastors talk about their experiences in a podcast recorded while still in Europe in the midst of their travels. (Recorded at the Word of Life studio in Hungary.) CLICK HERE for that episode of the PreGame Show.

CLICK HERE for the news story about this trip that was on WFAA ABC Channel 8 news.

to watch Pastor John Robbin's Twitch live stream for students where he talked about the experiences and shared many of the pictures he had taken to document their trip.

CLICK HERE or the image to access the Waterbrook Facebook Live Stream Videos that were streamed live from Ukraine, Romania and Hungary of reports of how donations and efforts were happening in real time. (These are date ordered. You'll need to scroll to the past live videos to March 2022 to find these.)

THANK YOU for your prayer and financial support to help make these humanitarian and mission efforts possible. This was a combined effort of the Waterbrook family, Wylie community, other churches and local businesses.


As war rages in Ukraine, the people who have stayed have found themselves under attack even in civilian areas. Meanwhile, more than one million people have already fled the country as refugees flooding into border nations are arriving with little by way of possessions and thousands with no where to go or stay.

Waterbrook has a history of partnership with ministries and mission staff in these countries. They have sought our help and we are responding with an emergency trip to get aid, finances, support and supplies to those who are desperately trying to keep up with the needs each day.

Waterbrook Bible Fellowship is responding to these requests for help by sending a team into the border countries with bins of requested supplies and financial support. We'll be connecting directly with our friends with "boots on the ground" and already at work. Some Ukrainian affiliates have chosen to stay in their country and need medical supplies, food, and other resources as they deal with attacks in civilian areas and destruction of homes, churches, and lives.

Meanwhile, our partner ministries in surrounding countries like Romania, Hungary and Poland have been transporting and receiving thousands of citizens fleeing the attacks as refugees. Many of those citizens have spent hours outside in the cold in lines at borders with little to no supplies or personal belongs.

Shipping bulk supplies can take weeks to arrive, so our partners have asked us to bring over bins of needed items that we can get to them within a week. We are currently gathering requested items (medical supplies/kits, blankets, warm socks, etc.) and financial gifts that can be handed directly over to those who are suffering and in need through out partnership team members.

Our partners in the area are making trips back and forth to the borders to transfer supplies and people to get people to safety and items where they are needed most.

You can have a direct impact on those in need by assisting in items needed for transport and with financial gifts to purchase needed items. You can give directly via the Waterbrook website and all funds will go to use for the aid of Ukrainian citizens. That link is found below.

Medical supplies and items may be sent to the Waterbrook offices at 507 Thomas Street, Wylie, Texas. (We are limited on space in bins for transport. Check with the office for specific items requested.)

Pastors Jeff Denton and John Robbins will be departing Sunday, March 14th, and go directly to Romania where our partners have arranged for us to meet with refugees, help with meals, and meet with Ukrainian pastors at the border in Moldova and at another site on the southern border of Romania. We are looking into meeting other partners as trip details develop rapidly.

Your giving is a major asset as we get face to face with our teammates in these countries and give them purchasing power to get what they need immediately.

Thank you for joining us as part of this emergency mission project to care for those who are suffering right now. Please help by sharing these links and information so that we can provide a maximum amount of aid to these people being impacted by this war.

Ukraine refugees lined up at border crossings sometimes in freezing conditions for hours. (The Guardian)

Life Romania has provided a food truck at one border crossing to give a hot dog, soup and drinks to those who have been in border crossing lines for hours - many having not eaten during that wait.

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