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Annual Meeting 2021

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The Annual Meeting for members will be held Sunday, January 17, 2021, between worship services.


Voting for the 2021 Budget and Affirmation of Elder Council members will take place on the patio from 10:35-11:00 AM that day by members. This allows everyone to participate while keeping safely-distanced. Members who are currently attending online services will be able to do a drive up vote that day to keep contact to a minimum. The patio and drive up ballot collection allows us to meet the requirements of our bylaws while making every effort to keep people safe. (The bylaws do not allow for proxy voting by those not in attendance on campus during a ballot collection.)

The Elder Chairman, Dan Carnefix, will go to the south patio immediately following the first worship service and read the items on the ballot that day. The items placed on the ballot for this Annual Meeting are (1) the proposed church budget for 2021, (2) Affirmation of the members of the 2021 Elder Council, and (3) personal affirmation of the membership covenant.

He will then call for a vote and open the balloting. All Waterbrook members will be able to cast their ballot at a table on the patio until 11:00 AM. Ushers will make ballots available for those wishing to drive through and vote.

(1) The proposed budget for 2021 is available by clicking the link below. I have included a letter of explanation with the budget.

(2) The Elders on the ballot for affirmation in 2021, as required annually in our bylaws, are

- Stephen Bramer

- Dave Burchett

- Dan Carnefix

- Jeff Denton

- John Rossetti

- Mark Tapee

- Rob Whapham

- Bob Williams

- Bob Word

(3) Membership Covenant: Our bylaws require all members to affirm their commitment to the membership covenant annually. We achieve this by reading it aloud at our annual meeting each year. This year we'll be reading the Membership Covenant as a church family during our worship services the morning of the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Letter to Congregation wi
Download • 244KB

Here's a video of the virtual presentation for the Annual Meeting that would typically happen the day of the meeting. This is recorded in advance for the Waterbrook family and features a presentation by Lead Pastor Jeff Denton, Elder Chairman Dan Carnefix and Stewardship Chairman Bob Ervien.

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