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Connection Lunch Sunday

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Sign Up for Safely Distanced Lunch to meet a few other Waterbrook attendees.

We've a new opportunity for connection in smaller group settings coming up on Sunday, February 28th. CONNECTION SUNDAY Lunch is an opportunity to meet a few other people at Waterbrook over a box lunch we provide.

There will be four locations on campus with individual (or family) tables where people will sit safely distanced while sharing lunches and getting to know a small roomful of people. Each room is limited to a set number of tables. A pastor will be present as host in each room to ask questions for everyone to answer. This fun lunch is a way to connect to others in your Waterbrook family and is open to both long-time and new attenders.

Advance registration is required and will remain open until all spots are filled for the day. CLICK HERE to access our online CONNECT card and Click the Box under "I'd Like to Be Part of the Connect Luncheon on Sunday, February 28, 2021". It will then ask for participant names.

*Participants will be unmasked during lunch, only those comfortable with this setting should register to attend.

*Box lunches will be provided by Waterbrook. Online order forms will be provided for those who register while spots last. Donations for your lunch will be accepted at the event if you want to help defray the cost of your lunch.

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