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Health Policy Update - May 2021

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Covid Policy Updates - Effective May 19, 2021

Waterbrook Family,

Over the last 15 months we have made every effort to exercise compassion and love for all people as we have adapted to local and national guidelines and recommendations for our pandemic policies. At times this has put us at odds even with some WBF members, yet our leadership team has maintained that the godly perspective has been to care for the most vulnerable among our community and family of faith.

We appreciate the unwavering support of our church family in this process; and the love demonstrated between one another.

It has never been our intention to “get back to the way things used to be.” Pursuing that which is comfortable is not a prime virtue for followers of Christ. Therefore, as we move forward, there are things that will look like they did pre-pandemic AND many things that have adapted and will be different going forward. That is a good thing.

As we move forward in the process of finding our new normal, we appreciate your love and goodwill along the journey.

As you know, we have taken steps along this journey to increase cleaning practices. This includes the installation of commercial AirScrubbers in all our buildings to provide a system that is continually cleaning all air and surfaces of contaminants, viruses and bacteria. These steps have helped provide a healthy environment for church family and guests. CLICK HERE for a link to a video about how Active Pure AirScrubber technology works.

Earlier this week we emailed a survey out to get feedback from our church family regarding new policy steps. We appreciate everyone who shared their answers to those questions. I’ve done follow up calls with some people. Others, who indicated interest in serving in new ways should be contacted by ministry leaders in the days ahead. Your feedback has helped us determine new policy strategies. Recently updated CDC guidelines have led us to some new guidelines now being implemented.

Effective immediately, we are removing the mask mandate in our WBF campus buildings. This does not mean masks are NOT allowed. Rather, we are leaving it up to every individual. No one should be embarrassed because of their choice. Masks are still welcome for people with compromised / vulnerable health or who feel the need for them, with no judgment.

We will be completely opening all doors and lobbies for use as people enter and leave services and activities. The tablecloths will no longer be in use to eliminate rows from use. Offering will continue to be collected by ushers after services as attendees depart. Bulletins, coffee service and donuts are still suspended at this time.

We will be offering a completely masked environment in the 507 Building Fireplace room for anyone who feels the need to be part of a safer setting for a worship service. This room will get the live video feed of the 9:30 a.m. service. This super-secret service spot will be offered initially to see if there is a need. This will give persons preferring a masked service option to attend with some other people on campus without exposure to unmasked persons. It includes the opportunity to interact with people outside after the service. As previously, we will continue our live stream service option for home viewing at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday.

We are working to provide some fun activities over the summer that provide relationship-building opportunities. The fellowship component of church life has been seriously lacking in the last year and we want to offer activities to help build that back up.

Most importantly, we continue to strive at creating an atmosphere at Waterbrook that is inviting and safe for all.

Please contact the church staff or anyone on our leadership team if you have questions.

- Pastor Jeff Denton

On behalf of the Waterbrook Elder Council and Pastors

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