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Mission Alaska Details

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Waterbrook Alaska Mission Trip 2022

Mission Agency: Praying Pelican

Date: June 25 – July 2 (Saturday to Saturday)

Who is the trip open to? Anyone. Families are welcome

What is the trip’s focus? To serve local churches in the Matsu Valley in whatever way the church needs help. Examples would be serving in soup kitchens, playing games with kids in local parks and giving Bible stories, helping make and deliver food, helping with small construction/painting/cleaning needs in the church or community, walking thru neighborhoods to pray for people and speak about Jesus, sports clinics, medical support, etc.

When is the next informational meeting? Between services at 10:35 this Sunday, Feb 20 at the front of the auditorium.

What is the vision for the trip? I would love to take 15 to 20 people (or more) to serve people in a different culture – but who speak English. We can craft the things we do based on the skills of the people who go. We simply need people who will step out by faith to make a difference in someone’s life using the things he has already put in our hands.

What is the cost? $695 plus airfare. We recommend that you invite others who can’t go to support your mission with prayer and financial help. We have sample letters to help you. We can also do fund raisers once we know who’s going – if the team wants to do that.

What are the financial deadlines?

March 1 - $200

April 1 - $495

May 1 - Flight cost

Who can answer additional questions? Please contact Pastor Don Moore to get more information, to sign up for the trip, or ask ANY questions at or call or text at 214-546-3115.

God is at work in His world. Be a part of it! What have you got to lose?

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