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Waterbrook Efforts to Provide a Healthy Environment on Campus


We have been working on new standards for sanitization and new technology to enable our facilities to stay as clean and healthy as can be for our church family and the staff and children of Wee School at Waterbrook.

A team consisting of Pastor Jeff Denton, Stewardship Chairman Bob Ervien, Tech Director James Hunter and Sterilization Team Leader Larry Heath recently made a recommendation to our Stewardship Team that was forwarded to and approved by staff, and then our Elder Council for the installation of AirScrubbers with Active Pure technology into all our WBF buildings.

This equipment and technology is the same used in hospitals, national museums, Major League Baseball facilities, and the International Space Station. It treats the air and surfaces at all times our HVAC is running with a constant purification against microbe contaminants (including tested to eliminate coronavirus). It also deals with and eliminates other pollutants and allergens. The non-chemical treatment deals with the contaminants in both the air and on surfaces continually.

The new equipment was installed on the HVAC systems April 2021 and began sterilizing the air and surfaces immediately. This new treatment system allows us to provide the cleanest possible environment without the constant treatment and fogging of the building with chemicals.

If you have any questions about this equipment click the link below for a short video from the company who makes this technology.

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