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Waterbrook Hosts the Work as Worship Retreat Friday, May 14, 2021

Updated: May 15, 2021

On May 14, 2021, we invite you to join us at Waterbrook Bible Fellowship as part of the network of hundreds of churches and organizations worldwide hosting the Work as Worship Retreat livestream in partnership with RightNow Media. The Work as Worship Retreat brings people of all backgrounds and work experiences together to help break down the wall between Sunday and the rest of the week.

In the context of work, we can worship God in a variety of ways: through obeying God’s command to steward his creation; through our attitude, ethic, and excellence in our job; through leveraging resources to generously serve those in need; through sharing our faith with coworkers.

You will hear from industry-leading speakers including New York Times bestselling authors John Maxwell, Henry Cloud, and Jon Acuff, Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church, and Stephanie Chung, Chief Growth Officer at Wheels Up.

This event is for everyone, not just those who work nine to five in an office. The Work as Worship Retreat exists for anyone who wants to grow in their faith and learn how their work can be an act of worship. Invite your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to attend this one-day event.

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