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The Harbor - A place of refuge and commissioning


The Harbor is a ministry for young adults ages 18-30. We are dedicated to the pursuit of Christ through the reading and application of His Word, and walking in community with believers.


WE EXIST AS A PLACE OF REFUGE - We believe our greatest refuge is in our Lord, Jesus Christ. While the world is busy and chaotic, everyone comes from different backgrounds, all with struggles, pains , and joy in this life - and so we gather to find refuge in the Gospel, the truth of scripture, and the body of believers - our brothers and sisters.


WE EXIST AS A PLACE OF COMMISIONING - Because Christ is alive we believe in enjoying vibrant relationship with Him throughout the entirety of our lives. We gather together for the study of God’s Word and fellowship, then live intentionally throughout the week - walking out our relationship with Christ and applying the truth of scripture into every relationship and situation we encounter.


If you need a place of rest and peace in the Gospel, or a place of community with young adult believers we invite you to join us. We meet Sunday nights at 6:30pm.

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