Waterbrook Bible Fellowship was founded with a commitment to keep missions a primary value and focus of the church.  As part of that commitment, it was decided that at least 10 percent of our budget will always be set aside for missions.
Waterbrook currently supports five full-time missionaries and has members who are regularly involved in short-term missions activities.  Local outreach is also a priority and we regularly engage in activities as part of a campaign to Love Wylie.

At Waterbrook Bible Fellowship, we believe God calls us to GO and to SEND.

Zealous GOING Options

Locally:  Find a place of service inside the walls AND outside the walls of Waterbrook.

Regionally:  Serving in options like these…

  • Serve the homeless – S.O.U.L. Ministries Outreach (www.soulchurch.org)
  • Karin Tribe Mission Camp (high school students only) – July 15-21, 2012. Our own Rush students serve members of the Karin Tribe living in Dallas.
  • The Bridge  (www.mdhadallas.org)
  • I Am Second  (www.iamsecond.org)
  • Wylie Community Christian Care Center  (606 S. Ballard Street, Wylie)

World:  Here are some trip opportunities
  **All trips have space limitations and are subject to availability. Contact Pastor Don Moore for more information or to apply for a mission trip at Don.Moore@Waterbrook.org

  • Mission Mexico  (August 4-11, 2012)  A team of 12 or less who will be teaching English as a Second Language in order to build bridges with people within the ministry context of WBF missionary Jon Baker. Click here for a printable brochure.
  • Mission Columbia Trips with E3  (June 23-30  OR  October 27-November 3)  Sharing the gospel using an Evangicube with E3 Partners. You will be trained every step of the way. Click here for a printable brochure on this trip.

  **For the following trip opportunities, please contact FBC Mission Pastor Chad Womack at Womack@fbcwylie.org

  • Mission New York  (July 14-21)  Trip sponsored by First Baptist Church Wylie to work with a variety of ministries in New York City.
  • Mission England  (July 25-August 2)  Trip sponsored by First Baptist Church Wylie to  share the gospel at the Summer Olympics.
  • Mission Alaska  (July 29-August 5)  Trip sponsored by First Baptist Church Wylie that is designed as a family trip for sharing the love of Jesus in multi-ethnic communities.
  • Mission Africa  (October 5-13)   Trip sponsored by First Baptist Church Wylie to partner with J-Life Ministries for helping the local church in disciple making youth work.
  • Mission Israel  (October 11-20)   Trip sponsored by First Baptist Church Wylie to work in a Nazareth Hospital. Involves servant evangelism and construction projects.


Zealous SENDING Options

GIVING Options:

  • Give to your local church.  Waterbrook Bible Fellowship designates 10% of our weekly general offering to support missionaries and mission efforts.
  • Plan to give a gift to one of our Waterbrook short-term “goers” when they send you a support letter.
  • After today, consider adding extra support to missions as part of your giving, above and beyond your giving to the local church.

PRAYING Options:

  • Take a Prayer Magnet or Refrigerator Card and commit to pray regularly as you see those pictures/requests on your fridge.
  • Download a Prayer Calendar Screen Saver and commit to pray daily for WBF missionaries. *See below.
  • Download a Prayer Calendar Wallpaper for your mobile device as a reminder to pray for our missionaries. *See below.
  • Be aware and pray for WBF members who regularly participate in mission trip activity. Includes Stephen Bramer, Charles Savelle, Walt Ransom, Don Moore and others.

Click this link to access the pdf version of the ACTION one:eight Mission Conference brochure (pdf form).

DOWNLOADABLE Waterbrook Prayer Calendars – Instructions

Click HERE to download the Daily Mission Prayer Calendar and to commit to praying daily for our missionaries.  Instructions below.

Windows 7 Instructions – How to apply this jpg file as a screen saver

1. Open Screen Saver Settings by clicking the Start button Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.<br />
Description: Picture of the Start button, and then clickingControl Panel.

2. In the search box, type screen saver, and then click Change screen saver.

3. Under Screen saver, click the list, and then click Photos.

4. To change one or more of the screen saver settings, click Settings then to specify the photos to use for your screen saver, click Browse and choose the folder that

1. Click Save to save the setting changes you made. Click OK in the Screen Saver Settings dialog box.

Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP Instructions – How to apply this jpg file as a screen saver

1. Click Start, then Control panel

2. Double-click the Display icon.

3. In Display click the Screen Saver tab.

4. Within the Screen Saver tab you can view the currently set screensaver as well as change the screensaver to another installed screensaver. Click the Settings button to make any addition changes to the properties of the screensaver.

Click HERE to download the daily Missions Calendar for Mobile Device.  (Instructions below.)

 1. Make sure you have an email account setup on your mobile device.

2. Send yourself the Wallpaper file in an email.

3. Open the email from your mobile device and save the attachment.

4. Your device places the download in a special folder on the phone. Usually into My Pictures, My Folder, or if you have an iPhone it saves to the Camera folder.

5. Locate the picture on the phone, then assign the phone as a wallpaper. If you have two screens on your phone the phone will display choices such as Use as Wallpaper, Use as wallpaper & Lock screen.