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Attend Worship at Waterbrook

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Waterbrook Welcomes You Back to Worship Services


Waterbrook continues to make every effort to create an atmosphere that makes all people feel welcome and safe. Though it is a return to "normal", it is not a return to the way things were. Please note details about how things will happen on campus.

This has resulted in the following schedule and details about our Sunday morning worship services. We hope you'll join us this weekend to Worship at Waterbrook.

9:30 AM Service

  • Masks are required by all attending this service.

  • Doors will open at 9:15 for entrance to 100 Building.

  • No classes for childcare, children's, preteens or teens.

  • This service will be live streamed on our YouTube and Facebook pages.

  • This service will be immediately dismissed and everyone must leave the building to allow time for the total decontamination and sanitizing of the 100 building.

11:00 AM Service

  • Masks are optional for those attending this service.

  • Doors will open at 10:50 for entrance into the 100 Building after cleaning.

  • Nursery, preschool classes and kid's classes (K-4th grades) are available during this service. (All children's ministry volunteers will be masked.)

Additional Notes

  • Entrance to the 100 Building will only be through the double doors on the south side of the lobby (underneath the canopy) and into the first set of doors into the auditorium. The lobby will be blocked off for one way flow of people. Exit will be dismissal by rows out the back doors of the auditorium past the bathrooms and out the west lobby doors.

  • Seating in both services will be every other row. Attendees will be asked to be seated with at least a chair between families.

  • No donuts or coffee will be served. Attendees may bring a personal beverage.

  • Our campus buildings remain "mask required" for all ministries. This includes classes, offices and indoor meetings. Masks are required for children in K-4th classes. All volunteers must remain masked while serving. The exception is the auditorium for the 11:00 AM service. (Masks are not required outside under the building canopies.)

  • We offer stickers to help people identify those comfortable with contact, those who desire some caution, and those who prefer no one within six feet.

  • Check In & Check Out of children will take place outside the 200 Building Kid's Ministry doors. It will take place in the back hallway in the 100 Building for nursery and preschool classes.

  • There will be no bulletins passed out. We will continue our online "bulletin" via YouVersion. (The Bible app)

  • Offering baskets will not be passed during the service. An usher will have an offering box available as you exit the service.

Please feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions about safety protocols, timing or how things are working on Sundays or other activities.

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