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Waterbrook COVID Policy Update - March 2021

Updated by Elder Council March 21, 2021

Waterbrook continues to make every effort to provide a welcoming and

safe environment for all employees, volunteers and attendees.

We continue a modified safety policy as we look toward future stages of additional ministry activities and fewer restrictions.

A. Maintain services as previously designated – 9:30 (masked) & 11:00 (mask optional)

* Change: AV team members & church staff may be unmasked in 11:00 AM service.

* Others serving stay masked while serving. (kids, safety, greeters, ushers)

B. Buildings maintain required masked status for the time being.

* Outdoor activities do not require masks.

* Adult classes, meetings, students, etc. – remain masked at present.

C. We do not want to project pressure onto church members, but we do encourage people to pray about their return to church services, activities, life groups, and serving opportunities as soon as they feel safe.

D. Equitable Policy without Discrimination

* We are not requiring anyone (serving, attending, employment) to receive the vaccination.

* We can create “safe bubbles” as people are vaccinated.

* If an entire controlled-group gets the vaccine, we have the option of declaring that group a “safe zone” and releasing mask requirements.

* It is discriminatory to create individual exceptions…

E. …until 30 days after all adults have been able to access the vaccine.

* At which point it can be determined an adult has willingly accepted any risk of being in a public setting without being vaccinated.

F. Anticipating by July (or Sept) to be fully open.

* But with loving grace for anyone who desires to continue wearing a mask.

G. Waterbrook Outside Group Activity

* Waterbrook groups will abide by mask and safety policies with any groups, organization or locations with which we partner for events, activities or mission work. (i.e. youth summer events, camps, mission trips)

H. Additional Cleaning Procedures

* We will continue the quick sanitization of chairs in the auditorium and tables/desks in classrooms on Sunday mornings in which the turn around is less than 25 minutes for a new group to use the same space.

* Waterbrook is installing a new safety air filtration system that sanitizes all air and surfaces continually. This is being installed in each of our campus buildings.

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